5 Fall Wedding Ideas with Baker’s Twine

Fall wedding season is upon us. Church bells are ringing, leaves are falling, and the hills are changing colors. What a beautiful time of year to make life long commitments with your best friend. Here at Just Artifacts we are excited to share 5 DIY ideas for your special autumn day. Baker’s twine comes in every color that you can think of. For this post we used both the 12 ply twine and the 4 ply twine. For these projects we recommend using the 12 ply twine in your main wedding color and then adding the 4 ply twine as an accent color. The two different twines create a great combination of colors and textures, and you don’t have to stop at two colors!

First we have mason jars all ready to go for your wedding dinner or luncheon. Tie some red and orange twine around a mason jar and top it with an orange daisy lid. Be sure to grab some of our new metallic gold paper straws to complete the fall look. You can add some leaves or flowers under the twine to match the flowers on the table.

Up next we have a great way to personalize your appetizer or treat table. Use your personal  wedding monogram and glue it onto some popcorn boxes (in your favorite fall colors of course) and top it off with some twine tied neatly with a bow. You can add a spot of glue to help keep the twine from falling down.

You can’t forget gifts for your bridesmaids. Use twine to wrap up the gifts with some fall leaves in your favorite colors. You will want a gift tag to personalize each gift for the special friend in your life. While you’re at it be sure to check out our vast selection of washi tapes to wrap up the gifts!

Complete your fall tablescape with fall leaves tied around candles. Just Artifacts has a various selection of candles that will warm up your celebration. You can even find them flameless to avoid any potential hazards.

And finally we have wooden cutlery tied up with napkins all ready to go for your guests. Just stack up the cutlery in coordinating colors and wrap them up in napkins. Tie it with a bow and leave it out for guests to grab at a buffet style lunch or set the up on the tables for a quick dinner set up.

Do you love fall as much as we do? Do you like to do as many things your self as you can to celebrate the big day? What’s your favorite part of fall weddings? Be sure to tag us in all your fall wedding projects with #justartifacts.


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