4 Fall Ideas for Mason Jars

Grab your mason jars because today’s post will inspire you to get into the fall spirit. With temperatures dropping and the giving season upon us we have four fresh ideas for those mason jars stored in your cupboards. And if you don’t have any jars on hand be sure to swing past Just Artifacts for all your mason jar and daisy lid needs!

Mason jars are perfect for gift giving. Whether you fill the jars up with treats or with sweet gifts, the receiver will love it. We filled some jars up with some popcorn and candies and topped them off with colorful daisy lids. These will make perfect gifts for friends, neighbors, teachers, or co workers. Other gift ideas include candies, homemade face scrubs, and s’mores kits.

A gratitude jar is a perfect yearly tradition to implement starting now. Leave the jar somewhere easily accessible with small pieces of paper close by. Each day have everyone in  your family take a minute to think about something they are grateful for and write it down and slip it into the jar. At the end of the month take some time as a family to sit and go through all the things you’re grateful for. Thanksgiving dinner is an excellent opportunity to do so!

Fill your jars up with popcorn kernels, or any small candy, and place a candle inside. Finish it off with a bow. Pair it with other candles on your mantle, a table centerpiece, or a coffee table to set a cozy atmosphere inside your home. Fresh flowers would also look great if you don’t like the idea of candles.

Host a hot chocolate party! Use mason jars to display the different flavors of hot cocoa in your hot chocolate bar. Use wooden spoons with labels to indicate the flavors and let your guests do the rest! We used hanging paper gift tags and attached them with baker’s twine to the spoons. This gives you a great excuse to have a party and to use your mason jars.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Which one are you most likely to use. Be sure to use #justartifacts in all your holiday party decorating fun and be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration.

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