Ready Set Go! Race Car Party

There is something special about little boys and race cars! Today we have a perfect race car theme party for the perfect birthday boy in your life. We chose to do red, black, and white stripes and chevron. By having two colors and prints we are able to make the whole party look more cohesive.

One of our favorite touches to this party was the use of little race cars throughout the table. This added some color and dimension. Plus when little boys go up to the table they don’t just take the sweet stuff, but the cars too. We sprinkled some fun sprinkles in with the popcorn to liven it up a bit. These popcorn boxes are perfect for grab and go snacks.

With a fun table cloth, napkins, and party plates we were all set for guests to arrive. Since this party was for a two year old we opted for finger food only, but some matching wooden cutlery would be perfect right alongside the plates.

Ice cream cups are perfect for ice cream, but they’re also ideal for more grab and go finger snacks. When doing a party with toddlers and little kids it’s nice to offer snacks in small amounts so they have something to carry around without making too big of a mess when it spills everywhere. Which leads us to the fact that although this party was inside, we recommend hosting a two year old party outside.

Grab some matching paper straws and washi tape for the drinks. Kids love straws. Add on some flags and they think they are so grown up. Either put flags on all the straws or just some and it’ll be sure to look good and be a big hit. And don’t forget the party cups of course!

With cupcake wrappers in place you can keep the tops of the cupcakes pretty simple. For the cupcake toppers we cut down paper straws. We found some race car stickers at a local store. On half of the cupcakes we put washi flags with racing stickers on them and on the other half we just put race car stickers. We also found some race car sprinkles to put on top. They turned out so fun and of course all little boys love chocolate.

Add some foil balloons and flag bunting and you have the perfect finishing touches to your party! Do you know a little boy that would love a race car party? Is there anything you would add or take away? Do you like the red, black, and white or would you do different colors?

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