Back to School Table Setting

Do your kids get nervous before school starts? New teachers, new friends, new schools maybe. Ease those first day of school jitters with a fun place setting for breakfast on the first day with these fun products from Just Artifacts. Just add a few items from the teacher list and you are all set to go. Oh and the food of course. We opted for a green and red apple theme to tie everything together.

For this set up we used square paper party plates, party napkins, wooden cutlery, mason jars with daisy lids, and paper straws. We folded the napkins above the square plate to make it look like a school house. If you’re serving a bigger group or younger kids then feel free to grab some paper party cups to avoid any potential disasters.

Be sure to include little gifts for the new students to help them get excited for the first day. New crayons, new pencils, and little notebooks for all the back to school to do lists they want to make. We used some baker’s twine to tie a little pencil onto the cutlery. We added a  little sticker to the cutlery to stay with the apple theme.

Let your student know they are a star student with star paper straws, star washi flags, and daisy lids.

To make these cute apple decorations you will need some mini paper lanterns, paper straws, and washi tape. Cut the straw to the desired length. Pinch the bottom of the straw and position it into the top of the lantern. Use the washi tape to make a leaf coming off the straw.

Are your kids already back in school? If so, you can do this at any time and help your kids get even more excited for school to start. Would you rather do this for breakfast on the first day or dinner the night before? Do you have any back to school traditions you do every year? What’s the hardest part for you when kids go back to school? What about the hardest part for your kids? Be sure to check out our pinterest page for lots more ideas and inspiration!

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