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Summer days are getting shorter and that just means one thing. School is just around the corner, if it hasn’t already started. Whether this is your first time sending a kid off to school or your tenth, get on the good side of your new teacher with a fun teacher gift. Just Artifacts takes a boring little gift and makes it fabulous with their fun products.

In addition to standard teacher needs (pencils, scissors, hand sanitizer, note pads,  stickers, candy, and a gift card) you will need:

  • Fry box or popcorn box
  • washi tape
  • gift tags
  • baker’s twine

First we made a little gift in a fry box. The fry box is fun because you can see more of everything that’s inside and it stands up. Start by putting the bigger items in first and then arrange the smaller items around them. If everything doesn’t fit, don’t include it. Presentation will make enough of an impact. Use the twine to attach the gift tag to the gift. Just in case they forget, you can also put who it’s from either on the front or back.

Next we went with a popcorn box. These also can stand up right and they fit more goodies inside. There are a couple of rolls of washi tape at the bottom and all sorts of other secret surprises. Again, we used the twine to attach the name to the box.

These gift tags are so fun. They come in an array of colors and patterns. Some of them have these white spaces in the middle for writing in and some are solid patterns. Don’t wait, go check out all the options now. Giving gifts has never been so fun and colorful!

Your favorite teacher will love this gift. The beginning of the year is always a bit stressful for teachers as they teach new routines and organize classroom chaos. These gifts are sure to be a ray of sunshine amidst the storm. Do you have any kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews starting school this year? Have they already started or do they get to enjoy summer a little longer? How do you like to show teachers that you appreciate their hard work?

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