Tissue Pom Flowers!

Are you getting bored of the same old tissue poms at your parties? Be bored no more with Just Artifacts fresh line up of tissue paper flowers. With a variety of colors to choose from you can find the perfect flower for each and every occasion. Whether it’s a garden party with friends, new decor for your daughter’s room, or celebrating the upcoming nuptials of your best friend, these tissue flowers are sure to be a big hit!

They come packaged just like tissue poms, but they are much easier to fluff out. For full instructions on how to fluff a tissue pom click here. In addition to the full instructions we have a couple of pointers for you.

The inner most layer is the most difficult to fluff out and therefore will take the longest. Just be patient. Once you do a couple you will find a rhythm that works best for you. This layer is difficult because the pieces are pretty short. Do your best to pull up each layer as far up as possible toward the center. The closer to the center you get, the more smoothly the rest of the layers will be to pull up.

At first it may be easier to pull up all three inner layers at once and then separate from there. Otherwise you can pull up each layer separately. Just try to see what works best for you.

Once you have separated each of the layers, be sure to fluff the layers out to make it look like a flower. This will also enable you to see the middle of the flower which is what sets these apart from other tissue poms. The picture below shows what the flower (should hopefully) look like right after separating the layers.

Remember you’re working with tissue paper and it’s fragile. If you rip it on accident, it’s fine, just remember to be careful. If you do rip it you can typically hide the rips during the fluffing stage.

Are you excited to try these out? Don’t be intimidated by them, they’re not too tricky to figure out. Be sure to check us out on Pinterest and use #justartifacts so we can find you on all social media outlets!

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