DIY Wedding Table Numbers

Wedding season is upon us and we’re excited to share a DIY project to add to your upcoming celebration. The table decor at a wedding dinner says a lot about who you are as the couple. This is a great opportunity to let your guests take a glimpse at your more creative side. Table numbers can be so unique and personalized and we hope to give you a little boost of inspiration for your big day.

Today you will need:

  • Paper straws
  • Fresh flowers
  • Low vases
  • Coordinating printed and plain paper/cardstock
  • River pebbles

The first thing you can do in advance is to make the numbers. We are using a square vase so we decided to stick with square numbers to go along with that. The outside squares are a cream color and are cut 4.5″ x 4.5″. The flower patterned squares we’re using are cut 4″ x 4″. ┬áThe numbers we cut out are about 3″ tall and we’re using the same colored paper as the bigger squares. Cut out two of each number. Paste each number on the smaller square, then paste each smaller square on the bigger square. Once you have two sets ready to go, you will tape the straw onto the back of one and then paste the two backs together with the straw between them.

The day before or the morning of the wedding you can get your flowers ready. First you will pour your river pebbles into the bottom of your vase. This will give your straw something to hold it up. Now you cut and position your flowers and place them in your vase as well. You will want to position the flowers somewhat low in order for your number to stand out more. Don’t forget water.

Now your numbers and your flowers are ready and the tables are ready to be set. Position your vase of flowers where you want them on the table and stick the number right in the middle of them, using the pebbles to keep it from tipping over. Now enjoy!

Are you planning to do your own projects for your wedding? Would you use floral patterened paper or something else? What is your favorite part of weddings?

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