Cactus Straw Toppers

The temperature is rising and cactus are making their big debut this summer. Whether or not you live in the desert we’re sure you’ve been surrounded by cacti this year. Today’s tutorial will bring the desert right to your party (and hopefully some nice warm weather to go with it).

You will need:

Take your paper and cut out various cactus and sun shapes. You can find other patterns as well like maybe a coyote?!? We cut these free hand, but if you’re not comfortable cutting free hand we’re sure you can find a stencil somewhere. For the suns we cut some perfectly round and others more angular, we still can’t decide which ones we like more so why not do both! Once your shapes are cut out use glue to attach the google eyes. It’s amazing what some little eyes will do for your cactus. Make them all the same or make them all different, it’ll be fun either way.

Using your tape, attach the suns and cactus to your straws. If you’ve made enough you can also tape them to popcorn boxes, snack bags, or any other decorations you have. Finish off the party with some succulents scattered around, just be sure to keep the pokey ones out of reach of curious little people. Add your favorite cool beverage or snack of choice and you’re set to go!

Do you like how these turned out? Aren’t the eyes fun? Are you having a fun summer party this year? Do you have any other ideas for incorporating cactus into your parties. Do you live in the desert? If so are you sick of cactus or do you love this trend? We’d love to hear about all your fun summer party plans this year. Be sure to find us on pinterest for even more fun party ideas! Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!

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