How to Fluff Tissue Paper Flowers

Oversize tissue paper flowers are the new floral décor you can’t go without! We have carefully curated chic color combinations to help you create one of a kind décor for your event.  With our signature tissue paper flowers and simple fluffing instructions, you will be on your way to party in no time.


Line up your tissue layers. Each tissue paper flower is crafted with separate unique layers to shape leaves, petals, and pollen. Often times during shipment the layers can slide and shift position. Carefully expand your folded tissue flower, and slide the different layers until they are all centered. Ensuring that the layers are centered will help create a flower of equal proportion and round.


Measure the middle of your flower. After you have centered your layers, fold the tissue flowers so that it is no longer expanded. Measure the center of the tissue flower and mark with a pencil or pen.



Tie your ribbon. Using the mark on your tissue flower, tie the ribbon around the flower with a knot. Try to do it as tight as possible so that your ribbon does not slide.



Fluff up the tissue layers individually. Starting on one side of the tissue flower, fan out the folded flower. Begin with the middle and shortest layer, gently pull up  one piece of tissue paper all the way to the center where the ribbon is tied. Try to pull the tissue as close to the ribbon as possible. Continue fluffing up all of the remaining layers of the tissue flower one layer at a time.  If one of your tissue layers rip, do not worry! You will not notice any tears once your flower is complete.

Adjust as needed. Once you have fluffed all of the layers of your tissue flower, then you can adjust your petal and leaf layers to the shape that you want, and fill in any gaps.

Your tissue Flower is is now fluffed and ready to be displayed! You can hang your tissue flowers to create unique décor or assemble them into a beautiful bloomed  bouquet.

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