4th of July Party!

The 4th of July is right around the corner and here at Just Artifacts you can find everything you need for your festivities. Last week we shared a fun 4th of July breakfast, but today we are taking it one step further and planning a fun backyard party.

You can create a festive backdrop with  tissue honeycomb balls in red, white, and blue. We prefer to pair together the 8″ an 12″ honeycomb balls. Once we had all of them open we laid them on the ground. This allowed us to pick and choose which sizes and colors looked best next to each other. We used a stick and laid it on the ground above the balls. Keeping the balls in place, we tied fishing line to the stick and then down to the ball. How long you cut your fishing line will be determined on how high your ceiling is and how low you want the balls to hang. By doing it this way we were able to maintain the positions we had the balls in. Once we were all done we were able to hang the stick from the ceiling using fishing line.We hung a white sheet behind them so that they would stand out and look nicer. Make sure that sheet goes all the way to the ground.

To add some more festive colors and patterns look no further than  paper cups with paper straws, all in red, white, and blue of course. We added a fun patriotic ribbon to the lemonade to bring it all together.


Wooden cutlery, paper plates, and party napkins are perfect for easy clean up.

To make the cake topper we cut out the letters “U”, “S”, and “A” in different colors and glued them together. We then used tape to attach the edges of the letters to two paper straws. This is the perfect topper to a simple cake. We used some cupcake wrappers in blue for all of the cupcake lovers at the party.

For the finishing touches we used red and blue bunting banners. We also got some fresh flowers and spread a few decorative candle lanterns around on the table. We used ice cream cups and wooden spoons for the dips.

How fun is that?!? Once the guests have started moving away from the food you can slide the food table over and use the honeycomb balls as a fun photo backdrop! (This is why the sheet needs to go to the ground). Just add some silly props and you’ll be sure to get lots of smiles out of the little  and big ones alike! All that hard work hanging those tissue honeycomb balls will be put to good use. Are you ready for the 4th at your house? How do you help your family remember the significance of this holiday? Check out our entire line up of 4th of July party supplies!

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