Easy Napkin Cutlery Pockets

It’s the small details that happen before the party starts that makes the party go smoothly. The food should all be prepared ahead of time. The decorations set up. The ┬áright music playing at just the right volume in the background. Today’s tutorial is just one more thing that you can plan and prepare ahead of time that will allow your party to go just a little bit more smoothly. Whether you are doing assigned seats or a buffet style party, this little preparation will be sure to keep the ball rolling as smoothly as possible (at least until someone drops a casserole dish).

You will need:

With your napkin laying down, you will fold the bottom corner up to about the middle of the napkin.

Next fold over the corner on the right. It will go a little past the center of the napkin. The further you fold it the more narrow your pocket will be so you can determine that according to your own liking.

Fold over the left side far enough for the corner to wrap around the back. Again, how far you fold it will determine the width of the pocket.

Use a bit of washi tape to close the fold down on the back. Use a color that stands out to add a little pizzaz to your party or in a matching color to disguise it. Once you have it sealed and ready to go, slip the cutlery down into place and arrange as desired.

Pair this cutlery pocket with coordinating buffet items and you’re set! If you are doing a buffet you can have these ready to grab and go at the end of the line. If you’re doing a sit down dinner you can quickly place these out when you are setting up for your guests. Either way it will be a quick and easy solution to keep your party going. Do you have any other tips or tricks for keeping a party going smoothly. Do you think this is something that you would do or would you rather let people grab the cutlery and napkins they need?

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