Patriotic Poms

Summertime means warm sunshine, backyard bbq’s and of course our American pride. Kick off your all American summer with these fun patriotic poms.By decorating the mason jars with the poms you can avoid needing a center piece because the drinks are enough decor all on their own!

You will need:

The first thing you need to do is open up your tissue poms. You will be separating the layers so keep that in mind.

Once the layers are separate you will layer the different colors on top of each other. I did red on bottom because it was the darkest color so I thought it would be best in back, but you can layer them according to your own preference. Fold them all back up together lined up with the existing creases. Pictured below I have them off centered, but you will want to line them all up before moving onto the next step.

Tie off the middle of the pom with ribbon that the poms come with or with some baker’s twine. Pull up each layer individually starting with the top and bringing them up to the center. Repeat with both sides.

Cut off a piece of baker’s twine that will be long enough to tie around your mason jar. Tie it to the center of your pom first.

Once it is all set to go you can tie it around your mason jar. Don’t forget to add the daisy lid and the paper straw and of course your beverage of choice, might we suggest some refreshing lemonade!

Aren’t these fun! Today’s tutorial shows how you can use them on a mason jar for festive drinks but you can make them bigger by using bigger tissue poms or adding more layers in order to hang from the ceiling, use them as table decor, or just decorate the back yard. What is your favorite party about summer holidays? Do you get together with family? Do you stay home and celebrate or do you travel? Be sure to check out our whole line up of independence day party items!

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