Pineapple Party Favors

Last summer pineapples were the big rage and luckily for us it doesn’t look like that’s changing anytime soon. Pineapples are the perfect party inspiration. The bold greens and yellows stand out and make a statement like no other. Today we have a fun and easy tutorial for you that your guests can take home. And when we say easy, we mean easy as long as you know how to use a pair of scissors.

You will need:

Fill your party bags with yummy treats and surprises for your guests. Since we are adding name tags you can even throw something special in there for a special someone. Once it’s full you will take a napkin and roll it up. When you roll it make sure that the fold of the napkin is at the bottom. Once it is rolled you will slip it into the bag about two inches down. Use the twine to secure the bag closed and to keep the napkin in place.

Starting on the outside of the napkin you will use scissors and cut 1/2 inch strips down toward the bag. Continue all the way around cutting the napkin down in strips.

When the slits are cut, manipulate the napkin to fall out like a pineapple top. This will require cutting some of the outside layers shorter so they hang differently.

Take your name tag and wrap two layers of the coordinating washi tape around the bottom. Personalize it with the names of your guests.

Tie the name tag on with your twine and finish it off with a bow.

See that wasn’t too bad now was it. What do you think? Will you be having a pineapple party this year? What are your favorite party themes? Would you use a pineapple theme for a birthday party? What about a baby or bridal shower? What would you use to fill your bags? Be sure to head on over to Just Artifacts for all your pineapple party needs!

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