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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I love Mother’s Day and today’s tutorial will be perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch to honor all your favorite mothers in your life, whether they are real mothers or bonus mothers. What makes these so fun is that they will each turn out differently. Grab your sister and have fun putting these together!

You will need:


First you will need to cut your burlap to the thickness and length that will fit perfectly around your jars. Once you have it cut to the desired length, wrap the burlap around your jar and use a dab of hot glue to the ends to keep it wrapped. They don’t all have to be the exact same and they don’t all have to be perfect.

Now set the jars aside. Take your name tags and write the names of your guests on them. It’s easier to write the names first instead of after, trust me. Cut off some flowers and greens at an appropriate length to your jars. Use your baker’s twine and tie the flowers onto the name tag using a simple knot. Make sure your twine is long enough to wrap around to the back of the jar.

Now you need to tie on the name tags to the jars. Wrap the twine around the jar. You will want to use a dab of hot glue to keep the name tag in the right angle and place. It will fall over if you don’t. Just put a dab on the back of the name tag and put it in the place where you want it. You will also want to put a dab of glue on the back where the ends of the twine are. This is all precautionary to make sure it doesn’t slip around while your guests are drinking.

Put in a striped paper straw in a color that matches your flowers and you are all set to go- well after you add in a drink of course!! These would also be fun for a bridal or baby shower or maybe just a brunch with your favorite girlfriends.

Do you have plans for a Mother’s Day brunch? Do you love fresh flowers as much as we do? Do you like the idea of using jars as a drink and a place setting? Do you let guests pick where they sit or do you like to assign seats?

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