DIY confetti balloon with tassels

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Everybody knows that balloons are the perfect finishing touch for any type of celebration. They’re whimsical and festive and kids (and adults) love them. Just Artifacts has a wide variety of balloons to choose from. Not to mention they also have a colorful array of tassels to add the perfect finishing touch.

The first thing you will need to know how to do is make your own confetti. Just Artifacts makes this really easy for you. Purchase mini tissue poms in the coordinating colors of your choice. Since the tissue poms are already folded for you, it is less work for you in the long run. Just take scissors or a hole punch and cut out lots of circles. You can do this really quick and since you are putting the confetti in a balloon it doesn’t even have to be perfect.

Once your confetti is made you will need to gather the rest of your supplies. You will need:


The opening on the jumbo balloons is pretty big so take your confetti and start putting it into the balloon. Use a pen or something long and skinny to help push them in if they’re getting stuck. How much confetti you use depends on how full you want the balloon.

Once your balloons are ready you will need to fill them with helium.┬áCall around to your local grocery and party stores to check and see if they fill latex balloons. Have them tie ribbon or baker’s twine around the balloon.

Once home, use our tutorial on tissue paper tassels to get the tassels ready to attach to your balloon. How ever many tassels you are using, cut that many pieces of baker’s twine into about 8 inch long strands. Use the strands of twine to tie the tassels onto the string. Tie them as tight as you can while still allowing it to move around a little bit. This will allow you to adjust and move around the tassels to where you want them. Once they are where you want them, tighten the strings and cut off the excess.

Once you have adjusted the tassels to where you want them, display your balloons where everyone can see!! These mix great with other jumbo balloons and standard size balloons.

Have fun with them but remember to not display them near trees because if the balloon pops then that’s a big mess you’ll have to clean up. These would look great at birthday parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, retirement parties, graduation parties, etc.

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