A Pink Princess Party

Nothing is quite as adorable as a little girl who loves the color pink and anything to do with princesses. Put those together and you have a perfect party set up. With this as your theme for a birthday party you really can’t go wrong. We wanted to make this party as magical and whimsical as possible and, of course, perfect for the little princess.


Make sure each of the guests receive their very own paper crown. Pinks and purples and different patterns will make the table look extra colorful. You can decorate the back ground with tissue poms. To make the party more personal use the tissue poms to create a monogram for the princess that she can later hang up in her room.


Place paper ice cream cups along the table filled with little treats for your guests to nibble on.


For the balloons you will need a pink jumbo balloon with tassels and a jumbo number 3 balloon. You will also want some pink and white regular balloons around the party. Maybe by the food and in front of the house.


For the drinks tie pink tulle around the jars and finish them with a bow or knot (these would also be really cute with the pink daisy lids). We had two shades of pink tulle that we alternated on the jars. Finish them off with these adorable paper straws with pink crowns on them.

For the table setting you will want to get everything in shades of pink and purple.  You can even mix up the patterns. Stripes for the plates, chevron for the napkins, and polka dots for the cutlery.

Once your party is all ready, just wait for all the little princesses to arrive. If you’re inviting some little boys be sure to add in more colors for the cutlery and crowns. And here’s a quick glimpse of the princess herself.

Do you have any girls in your life that would love a pink princess party? What is your favorite part of this party set up?

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