Paper straws for Easter

Paper straws are so much fun and come in so many colors and designs. How can you pick just one?!? You can’t which is why we are sharing some fun ways to use paper straws this Easter holiday. Now you have an excuse to buy an assortment! And might we suggest some beautiful pastel colors?

The first idea we have for you is a simple and fun way to share treats. Take the straws and put a couple of festive marshmallows on the end. That’s it. Isn’t that easy?!? You can display them in a mason jar with a daisy lid like we have here or take off the lid to hold a bunch more. This would be a fun little treat to have out during an Easter egg hunt.

The straws are perfect for making tissue pom flowers. These flowers can be used in vases or around the yard to add a soft colorful touch to your holiday. Tie the ribbon toward the bottom of your 5-6″ tissue pom before opening the layers. Then you tie or tape the pom to a straw.

Use the straws in your child’s crafts. There are lots of ideas for this on pinterest. For this craft we painted watercolors on some plain white cardstock. We then cut out the paper into egg shapes. Using baker’s twine we attached the eggs to the straws, used some twine to hang the straw, and then hung the craft from an indoor doorknob. You can make other things besides eggs if you’re feeling crafty: bunnies, chicks, or lilies.

And lastly, we can’t forget that you can just use them as straws. Find some coordinating washi tape and you’re set to go. Wrap the washi tape toward the top of the straw (not the very top because people need to still drink out of them). Use scissors to trim the end and make it look good.

What is your favorite way to use paper straws? Do you have a favorite design or color? Do you have an Easter celebration with your family? Be sure to check out Just Artifact’s entire line of Easter decor.

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