Hanging Flower Lanterns DIY

We love weddings here at Just Artifacts. We also love the ongoing trend of DIY weddings and all the creativity that goes into them. Our tutorial today is simple but will add a depth of charm to your wedding.


For this project you will need some flowers in your color of choice. Any flowers will work, but small flowers like the ones shown will be easier to work with (especially if you are a perfectionist). You will need paper lanterns. Depending on how many you plan to use will determine how many flowers you will need. Don’t forget to get some flower cutters because they will work better than scissors. If you plan to prepare the flowers the night before then you will want some jars, twine, and paper towels.

First you will trim your flowers. How long you trim them will depend on what size lanterns you choose to use. You will want them short enough that they won’t poke out the bottom, but long enough that you are able to use the length of stems to position them where you want them in the lantern. If you are preparing the flowers the night before then you will want to use some twine and tie bunches together after cutting them. Store the flowers in water over night. The next morning use paper towels to dry off the flowers before putting them in lanterns. You won’t want the lanterns to get wet. If the flowers are really wet feel free to put a paper towel or two into the lantern to help catch the drips.

Before putting the flowers in the lanterns you will want to hang them first. Then you will place the flowers into the lanterns one at a time alternating directions. By alternating directions the end result will come out more evenly. Use the hooks and holes on the lantern frame to help keep the stems in place. Don’t stress about making it perfect. Part of the charm is that each will look differently. Use about a handful of flowers and keep adding them until it looks just right.

Lanterns come in lots of colors, but we think white shows off the flowers the best. But if you have white flowers like daisies another color would be fun. What are your favorite flowers? Where would you hang these lanterns? If you decide to make these please share your pictures on facebook or instagram with the hashtag #justartifacts.

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