Queen Bee Party

Happy Valentine’s Day from all your friends here at Just Artifacts! We hope your day is full of candy, hugs, and lots of love.

Spring is in the air and the bees are a buzzing! With the smell of flowers in the air, this is such a fun time of year for parties. Just Artifacts has everything you need to celebrate the birthday of the sweet little queen bee in your family.

Having a theme for a party makes picking out the decorations so much easier. With a queen bee party you can just go crazy with all of the yellow and black stripes that there is to offer!

Let’s start with the backdrop. Tissue paper tassels come in every color you can imagine. We obviously picked silver, black, white, and yellow to go along with our bee theme. You can pick up these gold foil balloons in any numbers that you need. One year olds don’t necessarily remember their first birthday, but as the parent it means you survived the first year so of course you should celebrate with all your friends.

The trick to making the spread look nice is to find different items to change the height of everything you have. This keeps everyone’s eyes moving and checking out everything there is to offer. Cake stands are great for displaying everything, not just cakes. You can also find different tubs, bowls, or plates. Look around your house, you’ll be surprised at what you can find to use.

We found our favorite items in yellow and black. Darling cupcake wrappers, little snack cups, napkins, wooden cutlery, popcorn boxes, ice cream cups, paper cups, and of course paper straws.

Of course if you are having a party for royalty you can’t forget the paper crowns. With two different styles, a few patterns, and lots of colors you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for. Of course we stuck with the yellow stripes.

Do you have any spring babies in your family? Do you have a favorite party theme that you have done? What is your favorite part of spring?

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