DIY rustic table decoration

We are loving  the trend of darling outdoor rustic chic weddings  They can be  intimate, beautiful, and with a few small touches all the details can come together very easily.

That is the inspiration behind this DIY rustic table decor. The best part of this DIY is that it doesn’t use real candles. Just Artifacts carries a wide array of candles. Not only that, but they carry candles that are flameless, waterproof, and submersible which means that you can use them in all your favorite decorations.

So here’s what you do, grab your mason jars, submersible tea lights, or flameless LED tea lights and baker’s twine in your wedding or party colors. You will also want some jar fillers. We found these little river pebbles at a local craft store.

Fill up the jars as high as you want with the pebbles. I suppose that may depend on how many pebbles you have and how many jars you have.

Next you have the twine. I double stranded it before I wrapped it around the jar because I like the look of a bigger knot tied on the ends.

The next part will be easier to do on site right before the festivities begin. You turn on the lights by twisting them. Then you drop them into the jars and then fill up the jars with water. This will cast a pretty glow around the jar and set the mood. The lights come in different colors so have fun with it.

These jars would be fun to display on a buffet table, on a table by the entrance, or around the dinner table. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and the best part is that the lights won’t cause the jars to explode!

Are you a DIYer? Do you have an outdoor wedding or party coming up? What other ideas do you have for using these lights?

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