5 Valentine Party Must Haves

Yes, February will be here in just a few days. Here are some last minute things to think about before your upcoming Valentine’s Day parties!

1- Paper straws. Need I say more? Paper straws make every party a full celebration! And seriously how cute are these lips?!?

2- Fun friends who come with yummy treats. While it is your party, just think of how much more relaxed you will be if you’re not the one in charge of the food. I don’t always ask everyone to bring something, but it’s polite to allow everyone who offers a chance to help. Something healthy, something salty, and something sweet is always a good idea.

3- Valentines to take home. A little treat with a little toy fit perfectly in these little snack bags. Seal it up with some washi tape and send it home with all your guests.

4- Hanging decorations from the ceiling. I have two busy body toddlers. They seriously get into EVERYTHING!! As much as I want to put up cute decor all over the house, I have to hang the fun decorations from the ceiling so that they don’t get destroyed. With that in mind consider pink, red, and white paper lanterns and tissue poms. In order to avoid poking lots of holes in the over hang I hung up a branch using two pieces of fishing line on each endsand then used the branch to hang the fun decor.

5- Crafts! Having a fun craft for kids (or parents) is a great way to get people mixing together. We decided to do a craft that would be easy enough for the little ones, but not needing too much help from their moms and dads. Just Artifacts recently started carrying king and queen crowns and how fun to use those for a Valentine party. We had some stickers and foam hearts on hand to personalize each crown. Both boys and girl alike loved them!

Are you having a party in the next couple of weeks or going to a party? What’s your favorite part about parties? Are kids usually invited to your Valentine’s Day parties or do you like it when it’s just adults?

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