Valentine Straw Toppers

Love is in the air. Can you feel it? Whether you’re planning a party for your kids or a romantic dinner for two then we have a fun little touch to add to your festivities. Paper straws are fun standing alone, but today we have added some little messages to get conversation going. Personally I’ve never enjoyed the flavor of conversation hearts, but I always get excited to see what they say and try to put together funny sentences. Well that is the inspiration behind today’s project.

The most fun part of this project today is finding the perfect phrases to put up on your paper straw toppers. Depending on your crowd you can have a lot of fun with this. I found some fun ones and some cutesy ones. “Hot Stuff”, “txt me”, “xoxo” just to name a few. I typed them up on my computer using a fun font and then I printed off the sayings on white card stock paper.

I cut out the phrases and made sure to leave some extra space above the words to cut out a hole using a hole punch.

Next I cut off a small piece of baker’s twine (maybe about 4 inches). There is a whole selection of fun colors over at Just Artifacts. I folded it in half and then pushed the folded part of the twine part way through the hole from the front (as shown below). I then pulled the ends of the strings up through the loop of left over twine. This step is important if you want the phrases to lay flat against the straws.

I wrapped the twine around the paper straw twice and secured it with a simple knot. I trimmed the ends of the twine to a desired length.

Pop the straws into a mason jar with a daisy lid (red or silver would be fun) and you’re good to go! Just fill jars with your beverage of choice, again it depends on what the occasion is.┬áThis can also be a fun gift for a teacher, neighbor, or friend. You can just fill the jar with your favorite treats or gift card to their favorite shop or restaurant.

What phrase would you put on your straws? Did you notice that on one of the straws I just put a heart? That’s another easy alternative to throw in the mix. There are so many options of fun things to do? What other fun Valentine’s Day ideas do you have for straw toppers?

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