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Today we have a super fun (and easy) tutorial for you. I have a little girl and she is really into dressing up these days. She finds random things around the house and then creates full stories around them. One day when I was decorating cupcakes using cupcake wrappers, she picked up one of the wrappers, put it on her head and then told me she was the queen and ran away holding it on her head. At that moment I knew I needed to find a way for her to keep the “crown” on her head so that she could have her hands free for fighting dragons.

Just Artifacts has a colorful array of cupcake wrappers that come in a variety of patterns. Think of all the possibilities!! First you have to pick the best color/pattern for your party or dress up closet (the striped lemon would be perfect for a Queen Bee party). For this project you will also need a hot glue gun, a headband, and some scotch tape (not pictured).

Put the cupcake wrapper together by wrapping the end around and inserting the tab into the slot on the other end. Use a piece of tape to reinforce the wrapper. This will help with gluing it onto the headband.

Pick the position where you want to place the wrapper onto the headband. I decided to do it at an angle, but I think that straight up and down would also look really cute. Place one dab of hot glue on one side and wait a few seconds for it to cool down a little. This will allow the glue to stiffen just enough to help hold the wrapper in place.

Once you position one side of the wrapper then you can glue the other side. You will want to hold it in place until the glue hardens. Once the glue hardens you’re all done! See that wasn’t too bad, was it?!?

When I finished the crown and let my little girl wear it, she happened to be wearing a super hero cape. She declared herself the superhero queen and went looking for a sword. I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff.

*Warning: Keep crowns out of reach of pesky little brothers (also known as dragons to fight).

What do you guys think? Is this something that you would do for a little party or just for your kids? Does it look easy enough or does a glue gun make you nervous? What do you think of matching crowns with cupcakes at a party?

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