Gift Wrapping Made Fun!

The holiday season is in full swing! Work and school parties, meeting Santa, shopping for food and presents, and everything in between! I don’t know about you, but we always wait until the last minute to get our Christmas shopping done. But if we’re going through all the effort to think of the perfect gifts then we might as well take an extra few minutes and make my gifts stand out from the rest. Luckily, Just Artifacts makes it so easy!

First, lets pick a festive color scheme. We love  traditional Christmas colors because of how cheerful they are. We picked out the following products in red and green:

Once we had all of those picked out we then went to the store and picked out the perfect wrapping paper.  Made sure to pick out paper that isn’t too overwhelming and will let the accents speak for themselves.

Next came the fun part. We had so much fun wrapping these gifts. Try to make all of the packages  different, yet all cohesive. The part that may take the longestis fluffing the tissue poms. This can be the perfect opportunity to invite  a friend over for help and hot cocoa! For the gift tags, We wrapped different washi tapes around the edge which will help add some color. One row looks good, but two rows of contrasting tapes looks even better.

We doubled up our bakers twine before wrapping it around the gift. Once your tag is on, it won’t even need anything else. Our favorite part about these gifts is actually the tissue poms. They look so fun and festive and add dimension to otherwise square boxes. Make sure that when you are using the tissue poms that you are aware of the size of the pom and the size of the gift. Bigger poms can silly on smaller gifts. To use them we fluffed out the whole thing and then  pushed out the sides so that  the tissue pom pom lay flat on the gift. you can use some tape to make it stick.

Do you have any holiday gift wrapping traditions? Do you like to keep gifts simple or do you spend a lot of time and energy on gifts? Have you ever considered using tissue poms on your wrapped gifts?

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