Paper Lantern Holiday Tree Decorations

From all of us here at Just Artifacts we hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving holiday filled with laughter, family, and fun!

Have you seen the 3″ mini paper lanterns at Just Artifacts yet? They are so perfect and fun to work with. Once I decided that I wanted to use them on my Christmas tree, the ideas kept coming. With two toddlers in the house these are tree decorations because they are unbreakable!! (Unless my 1 year old tries to eat them.) BUT…I’m having a hard time deciding which way to use them this year. Here are my options:

1. COLOR THEME. I can pick one color of lanterns and use them as ornaments along with other plain color ornaments to decorate my tree. I already have some pretty white stars and white ornaments and so by adding the white lanterns to the tree, it adds an elegant touch. My tree also has white lights and I really like the idea of a pretty all white tree this year.

2. LIGHT UP LANTERNS. Since the lights on the tree are white, I think it might be fun to try putting some of the lanterns over the lights and therefore illuminating them. With festive color lanterns this makes the tree glow. I can add some soft ornaments into the tree too to add some more dimension.

3. STRINGING TOGETHER. I can string the lanterns all together with fun ribbon and wrap it around the tree. I can add my white stars into this and still have some fun color added into the tree.

4. DIY CRAFT ORNAMENTS. The last option I have is to use the lanterns to customize them into fun ornaments. I decided red is perfect for Santa’s belly. White is perfect for snowmen. And green perfect for little elves. If needed, I can also get brown for some reindeer and blue for some snowflakes. With some glue and card stock paper these would be pretty quick and easy to make.

So what do you guys think? I’m leaning more toward the DIY craft ornaments because it will make my tree unique, but any of the options would do that. So I’m not sure what to do. Leave a comment with what you think is best.

Check out last week’s post on Elf Party Hats for more DIY ideas. Come back next week to get some fun ideas on wrapping gifts this year!

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