Elf Party Hats

Just Artifacts just added party hats to their amazing inventory. Not only that, but their collection is so fun with stripes, polka dots, and chevron prints in a variety of colors. All of this just in time for the holidays. Although party hats are fun on their own, today we have a  DIY project for you to bring your hats to life. You and your kids can all sign up to be Santa’s little helpers with this fun little project.

I rounded up some festive ribbon and paper. You will also need tape, scissors, and glue. I also grabbed some cotton balls to glue onto the tops of the hats.

After pulling your elastic through the holes in the party hat, cut 1 inch slits on the front side of the elastic on your party hat (see above picture). Cut one on the other side as well. This is where you will put the ears.

I looked online for some ideas of elf shaped ears. On a piece of folded paper, I drew an outline and then cut it out so that I had two ears that were the same size and shape. I slipped the bottom of the ear into the cut slit in the hat. I used tape on the inside of the hat to keep the ear at an angle that I liked. I then started adding ribbon and bows and decoration onto the hats. Make each hat unique for each kid or to make it easier for you (if you’re making a lot) you can make them all the same. Bows for the girls. Cotton balls and plain ribbon for the boys.

Put on the hat and enjoy! I’m sure your little ones will be very pleased to help make or wrap Christmas gifts if they know they are little elves working in the workshop.

Some tips for the party hats:

  • Use double knots at the end of the elastic after pulling it through so it stays more secure.
  • Use scotch tape on the edge to keep the hat closed.
  • The elastic may not be long enough if you are using the hats for adults so try some ribbon or string cut longer and tie it underneath.

Do you like to decorate your party hats or just use them as is? When was the last time you had party hats at a party? Do you have any other ideas for decorating party hats for the holidays?

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