Thanksgiving Dinner Table

The countdown to Thanksgiving is on! Just Artifacts is here to offer the perfect touch of color and comfort to your Thanksgiving dinner. With a vast assortment of colors and patterns to choose from, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

We opted for an orange color theme for this Thanksgiving table set up. For the drinks we used mason jars with silver daisy lids. We wrapped orange baker’s twine around the jar a bunch of times and tied it with a knot. Complete your beverages with an orange striped paper straws.

Next we focused on the cutlery. We decided to include the place setting with the cutlery so there will be no confusion as to where people will sit. We used the wooden cutlery and did half orange polka dots and half orange stripes to mix it up a little. Using the matching twine from the jars we layered the cutlery and then wrapped the twine around the middle to make a cutlery fan. Before tying off the twine we added the name tag. To make the tag we used the hanging paper gift tags in cream and added a strip of festive washi tape. We did one little tie around to make it all stay, but made it so it was still easy to take off when it’s time to eat.

With your favorite dinner plates, festive napkins, fun fall decorations, and a mouth watering menu,
you are all set for hosting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner!

Additional ideas for Thanksgiving include:

  • fun place mats lined with washi tape
  • a open jar in the middle for people to write down what they’re thankful for
  • party plates for dessert (the fewer the dishes the better right?!?)
  • Tissue poms and paper lanterns for decoration.

What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions? Do you know each write down or say something you’re grateful for? Do kids sit at their own table or eat with the adults? Does everyone sit down together or do you have too many people to make that an option? What is your favorite part about this table scape? We’d love to hear from you!

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