Kid’s Room Decorative Branch

Today’s post is a fun project to do for your kid’s room. I have been trying to find the perfect touch for my daughter’s room. Her room is colorful, yet girly and it needed something for the big barren wall on one side. Since it is fall there are lots of fallen tree branches in my yard which got the creative juices flowing.

I started gathering some supplies in the colors of her room. My mom actually painted my daughter a toddler bed and then gave me all of the left over paint. In addition to the paint I gathered baker’s twine, washi tape, a pinwheel, and some other little supplies I had on hand. I also needed some craft glue and scissors. I picked up a few branches and then chose the perfect one based on it’s size.

At first I wasn’t sure where to start with decorating my branch so I decided to cut a piece of twine and using the craft glue I wrapped it around part of the branch. Once I started I was on a roll. I alternated between washi tapes, paint, and the twine to make my branch nice and colorful.

With the washi tapes I either wrapped them continuously around the branch like I did with the twine or I ripped off small pieces and made a pattern with it.

To add a little bit more dimension I used this tutorial on making washi tape bunting and hung it up in the branch. I love how the colors all match with the paint that I had left over. I used some paint on some styrofoam balls that I had. I poked a hole in them and using the craft glue I glued on some twine to hang them up.

My last finishing touch was to add some tissue poms onto the branch. Don’t forget to check out our tutorial on fluffing the perfect tissue poms. Branches are great for hanging bright and colorful things on and tissue poms are perfect!

I hung the branch up from the ceiling with two strands of fishing line and push pins. Using one piece of the line I tied the two ends in a knot around the pushpin to create a loop to hang the branch from. I did this on both ends of the branch. It hangs just off the wall and softly sways around. I love it.

Other ideas to hang off the branch include:

What do you guys think? Is this project something you think you can do? What would be the hardest part of putting this together? Have you seen branches used for decorating before? We’d love to hear what you think!!

*Printables were purchased from mini learners Etsy Shop.

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