Festive Fall Cards

From all of us here at Just Artifacts we wish you a very happy and safe Halloween!

Did you know that Just Artifacts has a section devoted to DIY crafts? Included in that section is washi tape and baker’s twine. That being said, this is the perfect time of year to show your loved ones how much you appreciate all they do for you. Today we have some fun fall and Thanksgiving themed cards that will inspire you to get creative and make cards for the important people in your life. For this particular set of cards we printed off some fun fall and Thanksgiving themed words and quotes. We also collected a variety of scrapbook and card stock paper to change things up a bit.

For this card we used some patterned scrapbook paper to make a branch. Using the twine we hung a little “Happy Fall” sign from it. To make the leaves we put some washi tape on white paper and then cut it into leaves. This is when it’s fun to have a variety of colors and patterns of tape. You can make it so colorful!

For this card we wrapped some baker’s twine around the card before attaching the grateful lettering. If the twine on the backside bothers you, just cover it up with a piece of paper that is the same size as the card. It’s a fun way to add some texture to your card (and you can use the washi tape as your adhesive for the twine).

The cards shown above were pretty easy. For the one on the left we just picked some fall colors of the washi tape and made stripes going all the way across. The different patterns and colors is what makes it so fun. For the card on the right we used two rows of the washi tape to make the stripes thicker and have a different look to it.

This last one is not a card. It is just a fun reminder that you can put on your fridge or pass along to a friend. We used the washi tape to add some extra color and help secure the corners onto the paper. You can also attach twine to the back and hang it on your wall.

We hope that these cards have inspired you to show some love to your family and friends. Don’t forget to stop by Just Artifacts and check out their entire line of washi tapes and baker’s twine for all your crafty needs!

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