Tissue Paper Tassels

Tissue paper tassels are seriously so much fun. They are colorful and create texture in decor. Just Artifacts has so many different colors to choose from that you can use them with any theme or color scheme that you can think of. What’s even better is that you can use them over again and continuously add different colors to your collection. Just imagine all the fun you can have with each passing holiday and birthday.

When you receive your tissue tassels in the mail they come with instructions to unroll, fold, and hang them. Today we want to give you a visual of the directions you’ll receive so that if you get stuck you can just refer to this post.

The tassels will arrive as shown above, all folded up. There are 4 sheets of tissue paper and your first job is to unfold the paper. From this point on you will work with the individual pieces of paper and just repeat the steps with each one. The first couple might take longer just as you are figuring it out, but once you get the hang of it you will be able to knock them out real fast.

With the tissue paper lying flat you will start in the middle and start rolling the tissue tightly. The tighter you roll the easier it will be to twist at the end, but don’t stress about it.

Once you have rolled your tissue all the way, you will fold what you have in half. Using the included tube you will criss-cross the tissue under the tube. Holding onto the criss-cross with one hand you will use your other hand to twist the tube around until you have the tissue twisted to the top of where the tassels hang.

Once that is complete you will remove the tube. Upon removing the tube you will find a little opening where the tube was sticking through. This is where you will insert twine to hang the tassel. Once you have completed all of your tassels you can pick the color order in which to hang them.

Some fun ideas to do with tassel garlands include, but are not limited to:

  • First birthday cake smash photo shoots.
  • Hang on the front of a dessert table.
  • Hang on the wall behind a buffet table.
  • Hang from the mantle for any and all holidays, birthdays, and parties.
  • Hang as decoration in a bedroom or office.
  • Hang in a classroom on a special bulletin board.

We have used tissue paper tassels in our photo booth and at our black and white party.

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