Witch’s Hat Cupcakes

Now that Halloween is just around the corner with parties to throw and treats to deliver we have a fun tutorial just for you! With some paper straws and washi tape the possibilities for DIY cupcake toppers are endless! Just Artifact’s cupcake wrappers add the perfect finishing touch to showing off your delicious cupcakes.

In addition to the festive orange and black paper straws, washi tape, and cupcake wrappers all you need is some card stock paper in your favorite witch hat colors. We chose green and black. (You will also need some cupcakes, but that should go without saying).

To make the cupcake toppers you will want to cut the paper straws in half. This way they will be the perfect height for decorating your treats.

Next you will want to cut out triangles for the number of cupcakes you are making. I did half green and half black for a dozen cupcakes. Adding other colors would be fun too.

Now comes the fun part. This is actually so easy that your five year old can probably help you (although it will take longer). Put a strip of tape along the bottom edge of your triangle. Make the tape long enough so it sticks out at the ends and then you can fold it over. Get a shorter strip of tape and use it to tape the back of the straw onto the hat. And you’re done! Isn’t that easy?!? Now just pop those witch hats into your cupcakes and throw those wrappers around the bottom and you are good to go! (Hint: if you are using a standard cupcake baking sheet and prefer a tighter fit on the cupcakes, just trim off the bottom of the cupcake wrapper along the curve to shorten them up a bit.)

Some other suggestions for easy cupcake toppers include pumpkins, witch’s brooms, ghosts, candy corn cutouts, bats and owls. If you’re making a lot of cupcakes then just do all of them! This is a great activity to do with your kids or your friends or while watching your favorite show.

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