Black and White Party

Having a party is a great way to bring friends together for a certain reason. Let’s be honest though, sometimes you don’t want a certain reason to bring your friends together. Having a black and white theme for your next party is the ticket for easy, yet classy, decorations. Black and white catches the eye and lets your treats (such as these cupcakes) take center stage.

I made these fun labels for the food and drinks. I took plain black paper and cut it about 3″ x 7″ and folded it. Then I cut the white paper to fit nicely on the front. I used washi tape to secure it in place (no glue necessary!). I tried to make the labels fun. I had “Kelli’s Cupcakes” because Kelli brought the cupcakes. I had “Rabbit Food” for the veggies. “Thirst Quenchers” for the drinks, and “Pop~Kettle~Corn” for the popcorn.

I filled some snack cups up with candy corn for an easy to grab sweet treat. Snack cups are the perfect size for any bite size treat like candy or nuts.

I chose to fill some party paper cups with popcorn for another easy to grab option. I wanted all the treats to be finger food that didn’t need utensils. Sometimes popcorn can get messy so putting the popcorn in cups was the perfect solution.

I realize that I didn’t post any pictures of the drinks, but we did have drinks available. We had an Italian soda bar with a selection of syrup flavors. We also had some cola drinks and the mixes of syrup with the cola drinks were getting creative. We, of course, had our paper straws available. We finished off the treat table with paper plates and party napkins.

Having a black and white theme can go with any type of party you are having. It’s even a great base for adding accent colors with it. If you’re doing a baby shower for a little girl you can add bows to the decor and for a boy you can add bugs. If it’s for a bridal shower you can add a “his and hers” theme to it. It’s also perfect for Halloween (add some orange), New Year’s Eve (add some gold sparkles), or Easter (add some bunnies). The possibilities with black and white party decorations are endless so have fun with it! Be sure to head on over to Just Artifacts for all your black and white party needs!

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