Halloween Paper Lanterns

Halloween is definitely at the top of my list for favorite holidays. I don’t know what it is, but I sure do love it.  You already know that Just Artifacts has an amazing supply of paper lanterns. What you may not know is how much fun it is to customize the paper lanterns to fit with the current season.

Today we have a fun and festive way to add a little character into your Halloween decor. Whether you are using these paper lanterns as part of the seasonal decor in your home or just getting ready for a party I promise you will have fun making these and adding your own personal touch. I got together with a friend of mine to help put these together. They were so easy and so much fun so I hope you try them!

As always you need to gather your supplies. For the paper lanterns we went with traditional Halloween colors: orange, green, and white, but purple and black could be fun too. You will also need scissors, tape, and heavy weight paper (we used card stock). Oh and I almost forgot, we also used some toilet paper…I’ll explain later.

Next comes the fun part. We made six different lantern characters today. The ghost was the easiest lantern to make. We cut out two ovals for the eyes and a circle for the mouth. Then we taped them onto the lantern and we were done. Easy right?!? The witch, the pumpkin, and the Frankenstein we made as we went along. My friend noted that the eye brows make a huge difference so don’t forget to include them.

The mummy was the most fun to make. This is where the toilet paper comes in and who doesn’t love wrapping toilet paper around things? It did get a little tricky, but if you tape it down as you go it will hold together nicely. For the cat I did a quick search online for “cat silhouettes” and then I picked my favorite. We traced it onto the paper before cutting it out.

Just Artifacts has individual lights you can hang in the lanterns. You can put these up at night time and they will look amazing. You will
also have fun using the chevron prints or other colors to make new characters.

And if all else fails and you don’t have time (nor the patience) to make these Just Artifacts carries Halloween Pumpkin Paper Lanterns. Check out their whole line of Halloween supplies!

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