Tips for hanging paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a great way to add color to any party.  One fun way to display paper lanterns is in trees. If you’re hosting an indoor party you can hang them outside letting guests know where the party is. If your event is outdoors, paper lanterns add color to the festivities. Just Artifacts offers an array of colors and patterns to match every party theme. Here are a few tips for hanging paper lanterns in nearby trees.

Mix solid colors with prints. Trees provide a neutral background which means your paper lanterns will stand out. By mixing solids and prints you’re adding a perfect touch to any tree.

Use fishing line. Fishing line is easy to work with and subtle enough that it won’t distract from the paper lanterns. (Just Artifacts has fishing line!)

Hang lanterns at different heights. Branches are at different heights, but that doesn’t mean you can always reach them. Cut your fishing line at different lengths to add extra dimension.

Use Square Knots. Square knots will stay in place and not slip out. Using square knots allows extra space in the loop which makes it easier to take down the lanterns and they’re very easy  to tie (right over left, left over right).

We hope these tips help! Have fun getting ready for your next party and don’t forget to shop Just Artifacts for all your paper lantern needs!

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