Mason Jars: Use them for almost anything

Mason jars & lids are excellent craft material; in fact they make good storage for small craft articles too. There are numerous uses for mason jars; I’ve put together a few of my favorites. Read on to find out people use these jars.

I have always loved glass jars and ‘am a huge fan of Mason jars & lids. The story of glass jars and canning food dates back to the times of Napoleon. The French army wanted a technique to preserve food for the army and Nicolas Appert suggested canning.

Glass Mason Jar 16oz Regular Mouth

The canning technique was proven in 1806, and back then people used glass jars with tin lids which were sealed with wax. That was until John L. Mason invented the Mason jar in 1858. His jars had threads at the rim of the jar and the lid, making it easier to screw on an off the lid. This enabled people to reuse the lid. The Mason jar also had a rubber ring at the top of the lid to tightly seal it.

Today these jars are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Manufacturers have also adapted a variety of screw on variations for the lids that these jars can now be repurposed to do several things.

If you’re as crazy about crafts as I am, this little compilation of the various uses for mason jars & lids will interest you. I’ve scoured the internet and found these ideas and DIY projects to be very useful.

Regular Mouth Mason Jar Daisy Lid Bronze - Lid Only

Tinted Mason jars

Bored with your regular glass jars? Add a tint of your favorite colors. Mix food color, Mod Podge and water in a small bowl to make a smooth and flowing batter. Coat the inside of each jar with this mixture and bake them. You’ll get beautifully tinted glass jars.

Pin cushion lids

Tired of losing your needles and pins? Here’s how you can make a quick and easy pincushion out of Mason jar lids. Remove the inner flat part of your lid. Wrap this disc with cotton and colorful fabric. Sew the ends of the wrapped fabric at the back of the disc. Slip the disc back onto the lid. Secure the back by gluing a round piece of cardboard onto it. You can place this pin cushion on the table, or attach a hook/loop and hang it above your sewing table.

Regular Mouth Mason Jar Daisy Lid Yellow - Lid Only

Party ideas

Mason jars & lids make excellent themed tableware for parties and get-togethers. You can easily dress up these jars with printable, tie little tags or ribbons and use a daisy cut lid to pop in a straw. Use colorful cupcake liners on the rim before you screw on the lid and you get spill proof tumblers for kids.


These jars can also be used to pack party favors in, especially if they are edible handouts. Favors like S’more kits, cookie mix kits, trail mix, cake-in-a-jar treats, etc. You can put any kind of favor in these jars if you are a fan of them.

Regular Mouth Mason Jar Daisy Lid White - Lid Only

Votives and vases

You can make beautiful votives and vases by painting old glass jars or sticking doilies onto them. Stick a broad packaging tape onto the jar and cut out different shapes using a sharp knife. Remove the excess tape and spray paint the jar. Once the jars are dry remove the tape. The opening in the paint makes the votive beautiful as you can see the flame through the glass.

These were a few interesting ideas that I came across on the internet. Comment to send in your ideas.

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