Cake Push Pops: The scrumptious dessert just got more delicious

Cake push pops are the latest trend that is shaking the dessert industry with its novel presence. These innovative containers with colorful cakes loaded in them are sure to make a splash at any party or event.

Forget cake pops and cupcakes, a new trend that is super fun and exciting has hit the town, and it’s the Cake push pops! Do you remember push up candy sweets that were the favorites when we were growing up? Cake push pops are a new take on them, making the all-time favorite mini cupcakes looking irresistibly desirable in these dessert containers! If you want to make your party a hit, try to make these super-easy cake treats to serve your guests! Best of all, kids and adults alike will love this fun dessert!

Cake Push Pops with Lid

How to use these push pops?

It is fairly simple to use push pops; the fun part lies in its presentation and the way you eat this desert! You just take a simple cake base or cupcake base, cut it into nice round shapes in accordance with the size of the pops and then layer it with delicious frosting, add more cake and frosting and go on layering till you fill your cake containers with mounds of goodness.

Now the best part is you can experiment with colors, sprinkles, frosting and decorate it according to your whims and desire to make your unique push pop that goes well with the theme of your party.

And if you are wondering how to eat them, it’s super easy and stress free, just push the pops and lick the dessert off.

Tips and Tricks

Just follow some of these simple tricks and tips, and you will be a cake push pops pro in no time.

  • If you are pondering, how to cut a perfect piece of cake, have no worries! There is a perfect solution to end your dilemma. Cut out the cake with a round cookie cutter with a size smaller than your push pop container or take an empty container and cut the exact size of the cake.
  • Slide the dessert effortlessly from the container by using a fluffy cake instead of moist cake. Not only the dessert will slide out smoothly, but you will also save your valuable time while washing them up.
  • Since these pops come with a lid, you can create them well ahead of your party day and store in the fridge to save time. Pull them out when the party day arrives.
  • To make the dessert scrumptious, add a nice layer of frosting between two mounds of cake to make them tastier

3.75 Cake Pop and Lollipop Sticks DMC7987

Different varieties of cake push pops

You can make this unique desert presentation in numerous ways to add a special touch to your function. Let’s take a look at some of the fun options:

  • If you are always wondering to do something special for Halloween Treats, cake push pops are the perfect solution. Not only they look beautiful, but you can also try various recipes to make them look colorful or scary, depending on how you want to celebrate your Halloween!
  • If you are planning a Birthday party or looking forward to giving a gorgeous gift to a kid, this wonderful dessert idea will surely make the day special. You can make a colorful dessert by assembling different colored sponge cakes with some vibrant looking frosting in between the layers. It will surely grab the eyeballs and will be a pleasant surprise to them.
  • Don’t think that you can use these containers just for kids; you can also make elegant desserts from the same. Add layers of shortcakes, fresh buttercream and top it with freshly cut seasonal fruits, and you got yourself an elegant dessert that goes well even with the formal occasions.
  • Cake push pops can also be used to serve delectable appetizers. Yes, you heard that right! Make mouthwatering appetizers and serve them with cake push pops and your guests will be pleasantly surprised!

6 Cake Pop and Lollipop Sticks DMC7989

This exciting dessert trend of cake push pops does not seem to be slowing down-if anything it is catching fancy of more and more dessert fans. Get a hold of one of these and experiment with this new style of dessert styling. is a leading online store selling affordable yet stylish cake push pops. Check them out today.

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