Wedding favors to mark your special day

Wedding favors are a way of saying thank you to your guests for having come to make your day special. Gift them little gifts that they would remember you by. Here are some favor ideas which you can wrap in organza drawstring favor bags or little boxes to give away.

Planning an entire wedding can be quite taxing. It takes hours of pouring through catalogs and surfing the net, endless planning and organizing to get everything together. With the bride and her family already burdened with the various odds and ends doing homemade favors would mean too many things to do. I poured through the net and then put together some of the best wedding favor ideas that I found on the internet. These are easy and inexpensive to try out.

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People usually begin by working out the cost for the gift itself before they begin on the presentation or wrapping. But I like to think of the wrapping first, not the details like the size, but definitely the shape. Begin by working out whether you want to give edible favors or non-edible ones. If you are planning on edible favors remember to plan the packing such that the food remains fresh and doesn’t eat up a lot of time, because the days just before the wedding are going to get really hectic. So would you need something like an Organza Drawstring Favor Bag, a square box, rectangular box, glass jars, bottles, etc?

Once you’ve worked out the packaging it’s easier to fill them up. For edibles there’s always candy. Candies come in different shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose between affordable sugar candies to exotic chocolates. Mix and match different sweets to go with your theme. You can even pack S’more ensembles, they are an all-time favorite. Other edible favors ideas were layered cookie mix in a jar. Similarly you can even try, hot choc mix, layered cakes, red velvets look really attractive.

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Personalized cookies also make for a cute favor. An assortment of mints and sweets are also a good choice. At a recent wedding they had this awesome trail mix beautifully arranged in clear heart shaped boxes which were then wrapped in organza drawstring favor bags to match the theme of the wedding.  You do that with an assortment of nuts too. One particular website featured ‘brunch in a box’ favors which was particularly thoughtful. The guest can grab a quick something to munch on their way home.

If you want to hand out non edible things, there are plenty of options and they can be packed way ahead, to give you plenty of free time just before the wedding. Depending upon the theme of the wedding, you can put together different things along side some wedding confetti and little notes to thank your guests. Beach themed weddings can have colored sand, pebbles and shells alongside a note in little sea shell shaped boxes or Organza drawstring favor bags. Other gifts like soap bars, matches, key rings, little trinkets like baubles for a Christmas wedding are other options.

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For a more exciting wedding favor, you could hand out little bottles of wine, flavored vodka and an interesting cocktail. Another option is to make little bottles of perfume for him and her to hand out to all your guests. These bottles too can be beautifully decorated with little tags on them.

So these were a few ideas that I came across and found interesting. Send in your ideas in the comments below.

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