Berry Baskets: Best things comes in small packages

The charming berry baskets are a delightful addition to your party decorations, acts as innovative party favors, becomes a perfect container to hold your small gifts and proves to be super handy to store your trivial items.

Berry baskets are the adorable trifles easily available on online stores that can be put to various practical and fun uses if used creatively. Available in many colors and sizes, they present a number of convenient ways to give an interesting twist to your everyday mundane tasks. It really takes you by surprise, how these small creative, open boxes can add charm to your daily chores or gifting ideas. Let’s look at some of the ways that you can use these all-purpose baskets:

Berry Basket Half Pint Sea Green 10pcs

Appreciation gifts

Most of the times we wonder what we can give to our hard-working teachers as a token of our respect and appreciation for all the work they put in to help kids grow! Assembling all their favorite gifts in a berry basket to celebrate their kindness and perseverance is a great idea to show how thankful we are. Not only these baskets look super cute, but it also gives a chance to kids to handpick the gifts and decorate it with their unique touch to unleash their creativity. The baskets can look very stylish, yet prove to be very affordable, giving you a free hand to choose your gifts and decorate it to accommodate the theme of your gift. These charming baskets can be used in the same manner for various other days’ celebrations such as Mother’s day or Father’s day.

Party Favors

Berry baskets make the most adorable party favor ideas where you can just collect all your small gifts and put them together in the basket to make an exciting present. For a kid’s party, you can add a bunch of crayon colors, some colorful pencils, and cute stationery and tie them all together with pretty ribbons and put it in the basket. The list is endless as to how you can customize your party favors whether you opt to create farm party favors by putting raisins, cookies, brown sugar in the basket, or create a desert party flavor by adding a small cupcake or muffin to the basket. Likewise, you can create party favors as per as the theme of the party and make unique gifts that your guests remember for a lifetime.


DIY Storage

Berry baskets can be an excellent and stylish addition to your storage needs, where you can put all your knick-knacks and properly arrange them in these little cute baskets. You can use them to put small pieces of jewelry that always seems to get lost, ear buds or cotton rolls, day organizer notes or bathroom essentials to keep your daily requirements at a handy distance. If you are on a little creative side and are fond of sewing, you can make a beautiful pincushion from your berry basket. Just take some cotton for stuffing, a bright colored cloth and some beautiful ribbons to decorate. Place the cotton inside your cloth and glue the fabric over your basket, add colorful ribbons, and you got a cute pincushion for your sewing table. It could also be an adorable DIY gift if you got a friend who loves to sew.

Party ideas

Having a backyard party or camping party? You can use these delightful baskets to create your own S’mores station, just put it in a bar of chocolate, some marshmallows and cheese crackers in a basket, and you got yourself a great outdoor party idea. You can also use the same for camping trip or camp themed parties. You can easily customize them as per as your requirements by putting colorful candies, popular chocolate bars and anything and everything that catches your fancy.

So next time, when you are in a fix as to how add a unique charm to your party, think of the cute little berry baskets to add a distinct allure to your event. is a leading online store selling charming berry baskets in molded fiber. These affordable yet elegant boxes are sure to be a surprise package of any party or event.

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