Get the Right Jewelry Box for Your Precious Possessions

Keeping and caring for your jewelry is very important. If you look after them well, they last longer. Buy sturdy long lasting and organized jewelry boxes to keep all your goodies neatly. This blog is about jewelry boxes and how to choose one.

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Jewelry has always been a favorite with women, and there’s no separating those precious pearls and gems from her. Most of us women have a million little trinkets, plenty of ear-rings and rings and the best way to care for them is to keep them in Jewelry boxes. It’s time to move out from ballerina jewelry cases to a proper box that can keep your jewels without tangling or tarnishing them.

Small Dark Pink Circle Shaped Jewelry Box

Here’s how to choose the perfect jewelry box:

Before we discuss the various options to keeping your precious accessories, consider what your requirements are. Do you have many earrings or several bracelets? Do you like pearl jewelry or gold? Do require additional storage space for bangles and rings? Go through what you have and arrange them in little groups. Keep the necklaces in one group, long chains separately, drops and ear-rings in another pile and rings and bangle/ bracelets in another. Once you are done it’s easier to choose a jewelry case or box.


For a long-term and sturdy solution choose wood or wood veneers they help keep moisture out and keep delicate jewelry like pearls from tarnishing. Leather, plastic, marble or even metal boxes are available, select a durable option with a good quality lining.

Lining material:

Silver pearl and soft gems discolor easily; therefore it is essential to get soft fabric lining that does not collect lint. Velvet or satin are soft fabrics that make good lining material. Cotton, cardboard or Styrofoam stuffing help hold the lining and jewelry in place.

Small Light Blue Heart Shaped Jewelry Box Construction and Design:

Jewelry boxes are meant to keep all your stuff neat, safe and secure. Make sure the edges are neat, drawers close properly, sliding panels snap shut and the lid is strong at the hinges. Modern boxes come with locks as an added security feature. Designs again depends on personal choice, if you are buying a jewelry armoire you might want it to match the rest of your furniture. Also make sure that it accommodates all your processions properly.


Make sure the box has plenty of compartments and the various options for storing rings, bangles, drops, etc. Ear-ring holes enable you to put pairs together and put them in plain view making it easy for you to see them. Taller boxes have ear-ring stands instead of holes.  Slots and rolls are handy for placing rings, personally I love the slots more, makes more accessible. (It’s easier to pull out and put back instead of removing the roll and getting out all the other rings before you get to the one you want.) Rolls, however, help pack bangles and bracelets so that they do not lose their shape. Hooks are handy while hanging up chains; keeps them from getting entangled. Broader compartments hold bold and chunky necklaces safely.

Dark Green Jewelry Box 2 in 1

Some jewelry boxes accommodate watches too, and some brands have watch and cuff-link cases for men. These are handy and help keep your precious belongings safe and secure. has a whole new range of jewelry boxes and keepsake boxes to treasure your jewelry.

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