Paper Drinking Straws: For Drinking, Decorating and Embellishing

Add an element of color to every sip, by using paper drinking straws. They are not just appealing to eyes but are eco-friendly at the same time. They are also cost-effective, durable and can be used for a number of purposes.

Eco-friendly paper drinking straws serve as unique artifacts that will add fun and color to your party. They are the ideal accessories for party planners to implement. Besides its primary use, these straws have become a decorative accessory that can add color to absolutely anything. These artifacts are widely available in a number of different colors, designs and patterns. This way, you choose the color or patterns that you desire, or match a particular theme. They can blend into any given occasion with finesse and precision.

Mini Polka Dot Paper Straw 50pcs Red

There are numerous types of straws that have the ability to add the right touch to party beverages, drinks and other bakery items. The unique design of the straws, coupled with captivating colors is admired and appreciated by people all over. Right from solid colors, polka dots, chevron stripes, to different patterned straws, you can easily select the one that meet your requirements. Besides being highly elegant, they also have a number of advantages. Here are some of the benefits of having these items.


Paper drinking straws have many great eco-friendly credentials that make them all the more admirable. These straws are made up of bio-degradable material, meaning it does not cause any harm whatsoever to the environment. Unlike its plastic counterpart, such straws prove to be a better choice as they are not just elegant, but are eco-friendly at the same time.

Just Artifacts - Striped Paper Straws


Paper straws are fun to drink and highly durable at the same time. They do not sink easily in water and have the ability to withstand water for more than 24 hours, without causing damage. They are finely designed, firm and durable, with minute detailing. Since they are highly strong, they’re ideal for birthday parties and other gatherings and occasions.

Wide range of patterns:

There is an array of different straws in the market, having distinct designs and colors. The patterns and designs on straws are crafted with food-safe ink. This means that they cause no health problems at the same time. Since they can also be bought in bulk, it will prove to be a cost-effective option while catering to many people at once.

Polka Dot Paper Straw 25pcs Red & Green

Add Color to Occasions:

Having straws is an intelligent way to add an element of spice to parties, birthdays, events, baby showers and other such occasions. For example, for a baby shower, you could have a simple theme like pink and white color for a baby girl, or a blue and yellow theme if the baby is a boy. Besides straws, you can even have garlands to add colors to the venue.

Used for Marketing:

Companies and brands can make full use of paper drinking straws to market their particular brand at other venues. The company can have their logo on the straws to build the presence of their brand on a larger scale. This way, your brand can reach out to wider audiences in a more personal manner. They will also be appreciated by customers and other prospective clients.

Just Artifacts - Striped Paper Straws

Just Artifacts offers a large catalog of drinking paper straws at affordable rates. Visit the online store and choose from a wide range of durable, eco-friendly paper straws.

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