How to use tissue fans to do-up your venue

Tissue fans are an affordable, yet upscale and stylish decorative element. Flaunt these flamboyant fans to make the event bright, lively and colorful. Here are some ideas on how to decorate using paper fans.

Tissue fans are one of the most delicate yet highly versatile decorative items that I’ve come across. They come in a multitude of colors, prints and patterns and can be used to decorate any venue within a budget.

Tissue Fan Decoration Cerise 18inch

These days there are plenty of affordable options to beautiful decorate the venue for a special occasion. You can have an enchanting wedding venue, a fairy tale setting for a baby shower or an Alice in wonderland tea party, well within your budget. With plenty of decorative artifacts like tissue fans, paper pompoms, paper flowers, paper lanterns, etc. easily available especially, on the internet you can have the venue sparkling and glittering in true splendor.

Here are a few decoration ideas using these inexpensive items:

Wall Art:

If you want to make a bold statement on a rather drab background, mark out an area or frame – I prefer an abstract geometrical pattern. Fill this area with colorful tissue/paper fans and pompoms. Vary the sizes and shapes of the fans, to make the arrangement interesting. You can also have these huge pieces of creativity framed to be re-used at another occasion.

Tissue Fan Decoration Dark Blue Light Blue and White 21inch

A friend of mine had beautifully curated rice-paper fans in shades of gold and copper that she framed to make a set of beautiful wall display pieces.

Paper table skirts:

Those skinny table legs bothering you? Get intricately patterned paper table skirts to adorn the various tables at your venue. Use half opened tissue fans with patterns that complement the rest of your table décor as table skirts.  At one particular party, I noticed that the host had lined the edges of her pearl colored table cloth with bright brick red colored paper fans. The effect was very becoming, and I just loved it!

Altar Wall decor and wedding arches:

Add a splash of color to any pale backdrop for your wedding. Most wedding altar backdrops are very plain – usually shades of white. I think it’s the perfect place to add all the colors of your life. Decorate the whole altar wall with plenty of colorful paper fans, ribbons, pom-poms and even fancy paper plates. In fact, stick a fan on a contrasting paper plate to define the shape of the fan. Similarly, these artifacts can even be used to make a picturesque wedding arc.

Tissue Fan Decoration Red White and Blue 18inch

Party decor:

The very same artifacts can be used to do-up the venue for any party. Hang them above the buffet table, do-up obnoxious corners or make bright backdrops for the cupcake counters. All you need is some creativity and lots of colors!

Here’s a simple DIY on how to make tissue fans:

Buy tissues in different colors, printed ones, would look cool too. Fold each sheet in accordion style to get a small rectangular shape of folded tissue. Now fold this in the middle and staple it at the folded edge. You can now punch holes or make holes in different shapes to form patterns on the fan. Now, carefully open each fan and glue them together to get a complete circle. Experiment with different shapes, patterns and sizes to come up with enough fans to decorate your place! has an entire range of colorful and patterned tissue fans to decorate your home. Get them at attractive deals!

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