Bring style and Glamor with Parasol Umbrellas

Parasols umbrellas gives an instant glamour and charm to any party or venue with great functionality. They are the perfect accessory for any garden wedding, beach wedding or party, home-decor or just a day out in town.

Parasols umbrellas adds a distinctive touch to any venue with their sophisticated look and oriental touch. Once commonly used to protect the ladies from the sun, these umbrellas now provide a fashionable accessory to any venue or party. They are a perfect addition to a party whether it’s on the beach, countryside, or just a day at the races!

Parasol Umbrella - Just Artifacts

Parasols umbrellas in various size, shapes and colors give versatility and a romantic spark to any decor. The earliest of these umbrellas are known to exist at least two thousand years ago; thus you can be sure of carrying a piece of history with you whenever you are using them. Evoke the Victorian era or an Asian period with parasol umbrellas.

How can you use these unique umbrellas?

These umbrellas come in varied materials like paper and silk to bring out versatility. Silk parasols last longer than their paper counterparts whereas paper umbrellas are more affordable and easily available. Depending on the occasion and usage, you can select the one that suits you. Below are some of the popular ideas to utilize these aesthetic umbrellas:


Do you crave to add a romantic touch to your wedding? Do you want your wedding to be different and unique from others? Then parasols umbrellas are your answer. With their beautiful, vibrant colors, they can change any venue. Moreover, you can also carry them over the aisle to give that dreamy touch to your service. And talking about the wedding photos, they provide just a perfect backdrop to take your memorable photos. Just hang them on the wall or on a makeshift curtain, and you create an amazing setting for your wedding photos. And not only they create an attractive backdrop, but you and your wedding party can also carry these umbrellas to the wedding and make yourself a pretty  picture. The photos do look adorable with each bridesmaid carry a common theme parasol in their hands. And if you are a little bold or creative, you can also create a wonderful wedding arch from these parasols.

Parasol Umbrella - Just Artifacts

Beach party

Now beach parties can be a lot of fun, but the biggest deterrent to any beach party is the harsh rays of the sun. You do not want your guests to get irritated in the hot weather, and the best answer to this tricky situation is to get yourself a handful of umbrella parasols and put in on all the tables. Not only you will get a perfect shade from the sun, but they also give a chic and trendy style to your party. These umbrellas are comfortably affordable and look very fashionable and upscale. Additionally, these umbrellas can also work as remarkable party favors. Just put them in a colorful bin and ask your guests to use them and take them home as a party keepsake. If you want to get little more creative, you can also personalize these umbrella parasols with the initials of your guests and your guest will have a fond memory of your party forever.


Parasols are not just great party accessories, but they can also be an eternal part of your home décor. Unlike, paper parasols, silk parasols are hugely durable and resilient, giving you the opportunity to make them as a permanent addition in your home. Hand them upside them on your ceilings, and put a bulb inside them and you got yourself a unique lamp. You can also add a few strings of light to them and suspend them in your garden to create a stunning effect. Additionally, you can also place these silk parasols on extended poles and put them on your garden tables and protect your sun conscious family members from the blistering heat. The umbrellas in various vibrant colors like blue, yellow, orange, deep red, violet and many more give your living space the much-needed color. There are endless uses of these colorful parasols; you just need little creativity on your end.

Parasol Umbrella - Just Artifacts is a leading online store providing a wide range of affordable parasols umbrellas. Available in various styles, colors and materials, these parasols add a distinct touch to your decor.

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