Give a fun twist to your DIY projects with Washi tape

Washi tapes are versatile, fun and easy to use craft elements for giving that spark of creativity to your DIY projects.

Washi tape gets its root from Japan and is often called as masking tape in Japan. They come in various patterns, colors, designs and sizes to make even the most enthusiastic crafters swoon. They are made of very useful material that is beautiful yet versatile at the same time. They are extremely easy to use- you can stick it, tear it, write on it and even reposition it. Owing to all this multi-faceted powers, they have become popular in all the DIY projects as they allow you to do what you want to do while looking good.

Coral Spanish Tile Washi Tape DMC29157

Adorable DIY ideas!


Are you an ardent scrapbooker? Then meet your new best friend-Washi tape! Make your scrapbooks extra pretty with these cute tapes and make your memories even more beautiful. There are countless ways you can use them to decorate your book- adorn them on your cover page or mark your pictures with them. Get together with your friends and find new creative ideas to embellish your scrapbook.

Photo frames

Washi tapes are perfect to spice up your photo frames. Get a nice inexpensive frame and just paste these tapes on the sides and give your photo frame a new look. If you want to get little more creative, you can also stick these tapes directly on the wall. Make a group of your favorite photo frames, mount them on the wall and stick a border on each of them and create a wonderful collage of photo frames.

Fun Cars Washi Tape DMC29142


Love DIY cards? Now you can create one with Washi tapes. Create various patterns, designs, shapes and outlines with numerous colors and shapes of these vibrant tapes. Create your own art by giving a twist to ordinary, plain cards. Give your card a customized look and surprise your loved ones with their own DIY card.

Gift wrapping

They are just perfect for gift wrapping. Create an adorable card, or tie your gifts with these adorable tapes in different colors. You can pick and choose from many patterns available in the market to decorate your gifts and create fun and elegant patterns that go with your wrapping paper. Use your Washi tape just like a ribbon and it will brighten up even the plainest wrapping papers. You can also decorate small gift bags with Washi tape and keep your gifts in them. Don’t be afraid to mix and match varied designs, widths and colors.

Red Vintage Love Washi Tape DMC29192

Home decor

You can decorate various corners of your house with affordable Washing tape without breaking your bank. Give a fun twist to you mantle by bordering it or create a great design on the wall by creating a unique art work on the wall. Have some boring vases in the corner of your room? Place diagonal Washi tapes all around them to live them up. Even the ordinary white candles can be liven up by designing a nice bunting pattern on them. (Of Couse, you can’t use them, but how pretty they will look sitting on your mantel piece) If you have kids at home, you can encourage them to create their own wall art by making unique design on the wall. You can also turn your drab urns and lampshades into fab by giving them an instant makeover with few quick sticks.

Electronic Items

Want to give a fun edge to your mundane electronic items? You can decorate them with Washi tapes. Yes, you heard that right! These tapes can also be used to give spunk to your various electronic items. Stick little pieces of different patterns of these colorful tapes on the keys of a keyboard. As the tape is semi-transparent, you will still be able to look at the characters while giving a new colorful look to your black keyboards. It will surely drive everyone jealous. And why mobile phones should be left behind! Ditch the expensive mobile covers and create a fun one of your own by pasting various shapes and size of Washi tapes on the cover. Just keep it very clean and neat and you will have your own tailor-made mobile cover that will grab the eyeballs.

Blue and Red Star Washi Tape DMC29144


A party needs fun and cool elements to make it cheerful and sunny. Create your own party kit by adding all the party flavors like straws, glasses, paper plates, cups and a lot more. Give each of them a personalized touch by lining them with these vibrant tapes. Still Confused, how to use them! Stick little pieces on the end of your spoons and voila you have got fun spoons for your party or you can make little flags of these tapes on straws to categorize your guests or food or anything you want!

Knick knacks

Take help of these tapes to help keep you organized. Stick them on your planner or calendar to use them as highlighter and draw attention to important meetings and dates. Not only your calendar will look gorgeous but categorizing your important stuff will become much easier. Want to hide some unwanted corner of your home. Washi tapes are your best bet. Simply paste them whatever you want to hide and give a fresh look to your once ugly nook. Don’t like your plain white glass tea-candles? Roll them with these vibrant tapes and give it a new makeover.

Red Vintage Christmas Tree Washi Tape DMC29164

Washi tapes are a wonderful way to decorate and give a unique touch to all your little things. Bring a fun twist to everything around you with these colorful tapes.

Visit and get a wide range of fun and colorful Washi tapes. Available at affordable prices and in many sizes and pattern, these tapes are a sure shot way to add instant charm.

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