Tissue paper pom-poms for any occasion

Tissue flower pom poms for decoration are an excellent and inexpensive alternative. I‘ve put-together some interesting ways to use these fluffy colorful balls to make your home or venue a beautiful and receptive appearance.

Tissue flower pom poms have always fascinated me and what I love the most about these balls is the ease with which you can easily create them. The light and fluffy look makes them adorable and a hot favorite among adults and kids alike. Pom-poms have topped my list when it comes to DIY crafts to keep the kids busy and turnout some lovely artifacts.

Tissue Flower Pom Poms Decoration

Running out of ideas to use them? Here’s what I put together after combing the internet for ideas and inspirations:


Basically I would say that these fluffy balls are decorative items that can be incorporated anywhere. They can be used as standalone decoration or easily alternated with practically any other element such as lights, real flowers, ribbons and tapestry. They have been used to adorn wedding venues, kids parties, baby shower decorations, children’s room decoration or even complement a regular home decor.


Tissue flower pom poms are ideal decorations because they are available in a whole range of colors that make it easy to fit into any color scheme. Ideally if you are using pom poms, you can settle for two – three shades that blend or contrast well. For instance, shades of orange, green and yellow/ivory make a lovely combination for a bright decoration that mimics spring-time blooms. If you’re very good with colors, you could try more than 3 shades.

Tissue Flower Pom Poms Decoration


A touch of creativity can dramatically change the appearance of even the drabbest decoration. If you are doing-up a room, you could bunch together a set of pom-poms in various colors and sizes and hang them up at various lengths at a corner, or above the crib or onto the chandelier to give the room a splash of colors.

For weddings:

You could do up the ceilings by hanging pompoms along with paper lanterns to form beautiful patterns of light and color. Cover wedding arches and altars with pom-poms and sashes to give it an enchanted look.  You can also line the walkway or aisles with these beauties or an arrangement of these tissue paper flowers.

Tissue Flower Pom Poms Decoration

Home decor:

You obviously can’t go about changing the paint or furniture of your home every now and then, but what you can do is accessorize your home. Yes! That’s right, you can easily add a splash of colors, or change the overall look and feel of your home using accessories like throws, pillows, lanterns, votives, curios, curtains, pom-poms and several other knick-knacks.

Party decor:

No party is ever complete without a little bit of decoration.  Tissue pom-poms are the cheapest alternatives to pull-off some very classy decorations. Use the right colors and do up the right places by making the most of available resources and lights. LED lights and paper lanterns complement these fluffy, floating flowers beautifully, so use them together for a ‘wow- effect.’

Tissue Flower Pom Poms Decoration

Other ideas using pom-poms:

Flower gift toppers:

Mini pompoms make beautiful gift toppers. Here’s a quick DIY idea to make flower toppers –

Fold square tissue paper into half, three times to get eight layers. Now fold again to make a square where there would be 16 layers.

Now fold this square diagonally to make a triangle and then fold again to make yet another triangle.

Now with the open sides pointed towards you, fold the open side upwards to form another triangle and then turn the paper over. Now fold the other side also up.

Tissue Flower Pom Poms Decoration

You are now left with a very small triangle. Now with the folded end as a point draw a ‘u’ or half circle.(this would look like a petal). Now cut along the mark and open up the tissue folds to get several petal-shaped circular sheets. Alternate the petals and arrange the sheets one above the other. Now fold the arrangement in half and punch a hole at the center of the base. Thread a twine through the hole and knot it up to hold the sheets together. Now open up and start crimping at the base, to shape the different tissues to look like a flower.

Napkin rings:

Tissue flower pom poms make lovely napkin rings. Here’s how you make them –

You can make pom-poms of any color to match your napkin and cutlery. Do so by cutting tissues into 3’’ sized squares, stack them one above the other and then fold them in accordion style. Snip the edges to form a triangle petal at both the edges. Now tie a wire around the middle and then open up each layer. Fluff them up to shape them into a flower. Twist the wire around drapery clip rings to get beautifully adorned napkin rings.

These were a few ideas that I came across, send me your ideas through the comments below.

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