Japanese Washi Tape for Clever and Crafty Decoration Ideas

Japanese Washi tape wholesale are a must have for fueling your creative ideas. It is cheap and is practically workable on anything that you plan to decorate. It is available on the online store of Just Artifacts at affordable prices.

Japanese washi tape is a colorful masking tape that is made from rice paper. This tape came into the limelight during the year 2006. Few amateur artists approached a local tape manufacturer – Kamoi Kakoshi and requested to manufacture colorful tapes for the artists. This led to the making of Japanese Washi tape, which gradually became a global phenomenon. It is cheap, attractive, compelling and perfect for fueling your creative decoration ideas. At present, it is being used globally as a decoration accessory that is well-suited for decorating every nook and cranny in the house.

Japanese Washi Tapes - Just Artifacts

This stylish tape is beautiful and useful at the same time. You can use them to decorate or mask anything that you can imagine while looking to decorate. The low tack adhesive makes it extremely easy to use and reuse. This improves the life of the tape and increases its applications. The best part is that it is easily removable without leaving damage or residue. You can effectively use it in any space of the house or any other setting. Consider the following possibilities of decoration with Washi tapes.

Wall arts in kids room

This tape can be used to make wall arts in the kids room. You can use them in multiple ways to create characters on the wall, display personal messages or personalize kids belongings. You can tape photos and paintings on the wall that pleases the kids every time they enter the room.

Japanese Washi Tapes - Just Artifacts


Washi tape can significantly mend the broken edges and dusty book shelves lying in the storeroom. You can use it on temporary utility shelves in the living room. This will elevate the look and appeal of the shelves; otherwise, which were hardly attractive.

Cards with tape

If you prefer to give hand-made greeting cards embossed with your creativity, Washi tape can significantly reduce your work and enable you to create beautiful scenes on your greeting cards. You can use different colors to give your cards stripped and checked looks, or you can beautify borders of the card.

Japanese Washi Tapes - Just Artifacts

Tape for collage

Rather than going for expensive digital collage, you can simply cut the photos, border them with colorful tapes and compile them on a cardboard. This will give you a real-feel of the memories. It is also better than sensitive digital prints, which are prone to getting spoiled easily.

Cupcake flags

This cute piece of art can give a glaring look to your cupcakes. You can use small band of colored tape and randomly stick it on tooth picks. Also, wrap the cupcakes with colorful wrappers and witness the amazing effect of this combination.

Japanese Washi Tapes - Just Artifacts

These are some practical, easy and amazing decorating ideas using Japanese Washi tape. In addition, you can also use it to decorate clock, dress-up paper lanterns, doors, windows, create personalized frames, etc.

Japanese Washi tape wholesale is easily available on the online store of Just Artifacts. This store has a wide range of quality tapes that can accommodate any of your creative ideas. So, purchase Washi tapes and give wings to your creativity.

Japanese Washi tape wholesale is a cool decoration accessory, which can be used to decorate almost everything in the house. You can purchase tapes from the online store of Just Artifacts at affordable prices and select from the best range.

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