Easy-to-make bunting banners to decorate your place

Celebrate this festive season with a splash of colors by hanging bunting banners available in a wide variety of colors, prints and patterns. Do up your place in the most budget-friendly manner as possible. Here’s how you can make bunting banners on your own.

Bunting banners are a fun way to decorate to your place especially for special occasions. They are the perfect accessory that blends-in well with the rest of the room and complements the décor. The best part about banners is that you can be creative and experiment with various colors, contrasts and patterns to spruce-up the décor.

Hanging Bunting Banners - Just Artifacts Hanging bunting banners are an inexpensive yet elegant alternative to decorating the venue. Buntings can be customized to suit various occasions as a wedding, baby shower, birthday parties or even a fun bachelorette party. Nothing could add more festive colors to a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta than bunting banners!

They can be easily made at home too. You can quickly put together a banner with easily available things. Today, I’ll be explaining how you can make bunting banners easily and quickly with either paper or fabric.

You can make bunting banners with a number of things:


A variety of fabrics can be used to making bunting flags. I prefer a slightly stiff fabric to work with, but the choice depends entirely on individual preferences. If you like stiff fabric, you could try the light weight versions as organza, organdy or the heavier denim, brocade and broadcloth. If you like fabric such as voile, batiste, linens, etc. you could easily starch them using a fabric-stiffener.

Hanging Bunting Banners - Just Artifacts Paper:

Papers have their fair square of varieties too. They come in varied textures, colors, thickness and opacity. Depending on the bunting you require you can choose between glossy to textured paper. Again I prefer a slightly thicker paper so my pick would be handmade paper, rice –paper.  (Salvage old invitation cards for some of the best papers)


You can salvage almost anything to make interesting buntings. Ribbons, empty cereal cartons, soda pop caps, cookies and the list goes on.

Since you would be hanging bunting banners, you’ll need a good length of a string, twine or ribbon. Choose the most easily available option or one that would match your bunting.

Hanging Bunting Banners - Just Artifacts

To begin with, you will have to measure and cut little triangles out of the fabric or paper. Remember to cut triangles such that they are all equally sized. Now you can either sew the triangles onto the twine/string/ribbon or glue them up using hot glue. If you prefer sewing them-up, begin by folding the shortest side of the triangle to form a little loop through which you can thread the string or ribbon.

Another easy way to thread a bunting is to punch two holes at either ends of the base of the triangle and then thread a string through them.

Some people have even made cute little buntings of cookies, gingerbread men, star shaped crackers, etc. by baking them with the necessary holes to string them up.

Hanging Bunting Banners - Just Artifacts

The most inexpensive way to make buntings is by salvaging things from home as fabric scraps, old newspapers, colorful pullouts, fliers, plastic sheets, used gift wrappers, etc.

Hoping to see a lot of creativity in hanging bunting banners this season, send me your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

Decorate your place this festive season by hanging bunting banners in a variety of colors and prints from Justartifacts.net.

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