Spruce up your decor with silk lanterns

Round Chinese Japanese silk lanterns are the perfect accessory to do up your decor whether it’s a wedding, a private get-together, your hotel or restaurant or your home. They provide great design aesthetic combined with functionality and affordability.

The famous silk lanterns were once used to commemorate traditional festivals and occasion; however, owing to its distinct look and design, they have become quite a prominent accessory to provide an ethnic yet contemporary touch to the surroundings. These round Japanese silk lanterns can change the atmosphere of any space with its oriental design and exotic looks. Taking inspiration from the beauty of the full moon, these silk lanterns are also thought to bring good luck to your life.


Round silk lanterns provide an elegant and classy touch to your special day. They bring an exotic style to your memorable occasion with their luminous and edgeless light. Silk lanterns, unlike the paper lanterns, have a distinct shimmer to them and are much more durable than regular paper lanterns.

Round Chinese Japanese Silk Lanterns of Just Artifacts The lanterns can be used as for a day or a sunset wedding. You can hang these beautiful lanterns on a couple of strings to create a mesmerizing effect, or you can hang them on the trees to create a romantic glow of shimmering lights at any location. It will create a beautiful display to make your important event a memorable one. These colorful lanterns can also be placed along walkways or as aisle markers to give a luminous look for pathway lighting.

Moreover, the lanterns are easy to fold and pack, thus they are an easy option to carry them over to your venue or take them with you for that destination wedding!


Be it a bridal shower, a corporate get-together or a fun party with your friends, silk lanterns are the perfect accessory to light up your venue. With a wide variety of options in sizes and colors, they are an easy party decorating option.

You can stack 2 or 3 of them together and hang them to give a distinct touch to your venue. They provide a gentle lightning which does not hamper with photography; rather they give a nice illuminating touch to your photographs, making them memorable and extraordinary. You can also use the silk lanterns as an alternative to lightning, which results in creating a soft, warm glow to your party.

Round Japanese Silk Lanterns of Just Artifacts A Halloween party can be lighted up with dark- colored orange and black lanterns giving an eerie effect to your Halloween decorations. Using soft -hue-colored lanterns can give a youthful glow to your bridal shower. Pastel colors of blue, pink and aquamarine can put a beautiful sheen to any venue, giving just what a bride needs in her bridal shower.

Corporate parties can also acquire an elegant touch with the use of gorgeous silk lanterns. When hanged on the ceilings with the use of brightly colored strings, they give an elegant and sophisticated touch to the gatherings. Warm and cozy colors provide a right backdrop to hold an elegant party. Any outdoor or indoor party can be stylishly supplemented with the use of the elegant Chinese silk lanterns.

Home Decor

Japanese silk lanterns can spruce up your decor with their exotic style. Your garden or patio can stylishly be decorated with some of these. You can hang them on your patio tables or in your dining room to give a distinct spark to your living space.

Round Chinese Japanese Silk Lanterns Because of their high durability, they also add great functionality to your home. With so many colors and sizes to choose from, silk lanterns can provide a match-less decor. Round silk lanterns can be grouped together to create a beautiful hanging piece. Moreover, you can keep changing the designs and patterns to transform your home decor as per as your fancies.

Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants who want to give a distinctive oriental, Asian theme to their business place can make wonderful use of Chinese round lanterns. They can be hanged over your dining space, or lobby to bring a unique flavor to your design and style. It can be hanged on strings to create a cascading effect of brilliant lights shimmering down the restaurant.

Moreover, these cheerful lanterns can also be used as a centerpiece for your restaurant tables. They are not just used for hanging, place them on your tables with some lovely flowers on it and they create an enticing centerpiece for your dinner table.

Round Silk Lanterns in Hotel

Depending on the size and color, these silk lanterns can be used in any way you want to decorate your venue. Whether you want to add an elegant touch, romantic glow or add a fun, whimsical element to your venue, these silk lanterns are just the thing to decorate your venue.

Just Artifacts is an online store providing endless decorations options for decorating your venue. Their wide array of round Chinese Japanese silk lanterns adds a distinct and elegant touch to your decor, giving a stress-free makeover to your venue.

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