Paper Umbrellas – Adding a flair to your decorations

Paper umbrellas are the perfect accessory to decorate your party or home with high affordability and functionality. They provide a surprisingly large number of ways to give a high design quotient to your living space.

Paper umbrellas add a distinct touch to your venue with their intricate details and oriental touch. They can transform any venue with their beautiful, vibrant colors and have become a fabulous way to decorate any location. They can change any nook or corner of your party place making them an easy choice when you are looking for a bold statement for your decor.

Wedding parties

You can give a sweet and romantic touch to your reception venue with paper umbrellas. They look extremely beautiful when suspended from a high ceiling. With a large selection of many colors and shades, they provide a unique choice for decorating your wedding site. They are affordable and readily available providing you a great choice to beautify your location. Suspend the brightly colored paper umbrellas upside down for that stunning effect. Addition of few strings of lights to them will elevate the entire look of your wedding venue.

Paper Umbrella/Parasols of Just Artifacts in Wedding Parties

Beach parties

Now who wants to feel hot and sweaty on a beach party? Low cost paper umbrellas can come to your rescue to provide you shade from the blazing sun. They are the perfect accessory for an outdoor beach party. Put them on the beach tables or hang them around, and they become the perfect quirky decor with high functionality. They look impeccable with a right hint of sophistication for a casual beach party or some high-end celebration. They can transform any party in an oriental paradise.

Paper mbrella/Parasols of Just Artifacts at Beach Parties

Birthday parties

Depending on the theme and style, paper umbrellas can add an elegant and fun touch to your birthday parties. Not only they look great for decorating your birthday venue, but they also work superbly as party favors. You can place one of them near the guest tables so not only your guests can use them but also take them home if they feel inclined to. With so many colors and styles, they add a glamorous touch to your venue. They are also an excellent choice to camouflage an unattractive ceiling or hideous corners. If you are looking to add an Asian touch to your celebration, then paper umbrellas decorations are your best option providing a nice oriental detail.

Colorful Paper mbrella/Parasols of Just Artifacts in Birthday Parties

Decoration for your home or garden

These funky and colorful paper umbrellas provide a perfect solution to decorate your home. They look bewitching and alluring with their vibrant colors. You can decorate your garden by placing them on tables with extended poles to give a nice shade in the warm summer days. The umbrellas in many colors like bright yellow, blue, orange and many more give a tantalizing feel to your home decor. They look like beautiful artwork when hanged from the ceilings. If you are planning to up your decor quotient with some romantic whimsy, paper umbrellas decorations are just right for you.

Colorful Paper mbrella/Parasols of Just Artifacts in Home and Garden Decor is a leading online decor store providing elegant paper umbrellas decorations to add a distinct personality to your venue. Their wide array of parasols in varied colors gives a beautiful touch to your decor.

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