How to make the most of bridal shower umbrellas

Use bridal shower umbrellas to steal the show. We’ll show you how to choose pretty paper/silk parasols to decorate your venue, and several other DIY tricks.

Parasols have a history that dates back to the Victorian era, when they were extremely popular with women. It soon evolved to be a better alternative to hats as it did not spoil their elaborate hairstyles and offered better protection from the sun. By the 1800s, these umbrellas became a fashion accessory and had frills and embellishments on them. Today, this retro fashion accessory has become a trend for weddings and party decor.

Paper Silk Parasols of Just Artifacts

Bridal shower umbrellas available in the market today come in a variety of colors, fabrics and sizes. If you are shopping for parasols to decorate your venue/ home or to use for your wedding, this guide will help you choose one.


Parasols available in the market today come in a variety of fabrics like silk, satin, lace and cotton for the ornamental ones. Exquisitely painted Chinese paper parasols are also popular. Then there are sturdy parasols made of nylon plastic etc. In some cultures parasols are made of intricately woven leaves. The boning or frames for these umbrellas are either made of wood like bamboo or metal alloys that are light and sturdy.


These umbrellas come in a vast range of sizes right from mini parasols used to dress up cupcakes and drinks to larger ones about 21’’ to 34inches long. Parasols used for outdoor locations come with tall stands and larger circumference.


They come as cheap as a couple of dollars to as expensive as $300-500 dollars depending on the fabric and size. Obviously large silk ones are more expensive than the smaller paper ones. So choose your umbrella depending on the purpose.

Bridal Shower Umbrella Parasols of Just Artifacts

So for weddings and party decor I strongly recommend paper parasols to match with the theme. You can get attractive deals for them, when you buy in bulk off the internet. For personal use, you can choose between silk, lace, printed nylon and beautifully painted umbrellas depending on your budget. When you choose bridal shower umbrella favors or umbrellas as gifts for any occasion, you can always weigh the size and fabric versus price ratio.

Decoration ideas using paper umbrellas:

Do up the venue:

These parasols can be coupled with paper lanterns and tissue pompoms, to create beautiful wall-hangings. Decorate obnoxious corners with a bunch of brightly colored pom-poms and lanterns topped by a large parasol. Arrange them all to look like a flowing bouquet and hang them in the corner.

Line the walkway with tall parasols and decorate them with a string of lights and flowers, this looks god if it’s an outdoor venue. For tents, cover up the posts with parasols of matching colors, shapes and sizes. Give a drab and boring ceiling a splash of color by hanging colorful parasols. You can also arrange fresh flowers in them with a bit hanging out to give that flowing look.

Paper  Parasols of Just Artifacts for Wedding and Party Favors

Party favors:

Parasols make lovely party favors. You can give your guest a big one with beautiful prints or them or a set of mini parasols to decorate their drinks and cupcakes. You could also use a small parasol to wrap candy favors. Spread a sheet of cellophane, open up a parasol and place it at the center with the handle facing up. Fill the parasol with little treats and then gather the cellophane from all around the parasol and bunch it up at the top along with the handle. Secure this with a ribbon or a rubber band.

Photo backdrop:

Bridal shower umbrellas can make lovely photo backdrops. Make a plain white surface by wrapping white fabric or tarp over a pipe frame. Slit holes in the tarp/fabric to arrange the various umbrellas across it. Use bright colors and match them up to get a beautiful and textured photo backdrop.

Bribal Shower Umbrella/Parasols of Just Artifacts


Make beautiful centerpieces to liven up the party venue using paper/silk parasols and fresh flowers. Take a tall vase fill it with water and empty the contents of a glow stick into it and top it with a parasol. This makes a lovely centerpiece for parties. You can also try different variations by filling the vase with flowers, colored silicon balls etc.

Parasols are a cheap and beautiful decorative item, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns, to do up your place.

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