How to Put Washi Tapes to Creative Use

Washi tapes are an ingenious invention the Japanese that can be used to beautifully almost everything. We’ll tell you how to use them and where to buy Washi tapes that are sure to be on your shopping list the moment you run out of them.

Washi tapes were first made by the Japanese, when a group of artists approached a masking tape manufacturer Kamoi Kakoshi asking him to manufacture colorful tapes. Thus was born Washi tapes – rice paper tapes which are used internationally today by artists, decorators and people who have a flair for color and crafts. If you’re wondering where to buy Washi tapes from, there’s no better place than the internet. They come in a variety of sizes, lengths, patterns and colors. The internet gives you an opportunity to go through a plethora of these tapes and choose the best deals for you.

Copper Damask Washi Tape Coral Spanish Tile Washi Tape Fun Cars Washi Tape

If you’re still not sure whether you want to buy them or not, take a look at these ideas:

Gift Wrapping:

This is the first thing that you would think of and these tapes can be used to gift wrap presents beautifully. Of course, you can use them like a regular tape, but the beauty of these lie in how you use them differently.  You first wrap your gift in plain solid colors and then tape different patterns on to it using colors or prints that blend well. Taping a simple margin across two adjacent sides of the package can make it look very graceful.

Gift Wrapping with Washi Tapes - Just Artifacts

If you’re wrapping favors or bottles to hand out, you can stick these colored tapes around them and add a little tag to it. Use these tapes in place of ribbons as they stay put and are cheaper.

Name cards and Tags:

Use these tapes to make little tags that can be pinned up with gifts.  Cut out paper or chart paper in a pattern of your choice and stick a pattern onto it with these tapes. Toothpicks or wooden skewers can be used to make little flags, which can be used on cupcakes, drink stirrers, etc. Just stick an appropriate length of the colored tape onto it and trim the edges to shape it like a flag. You can also make cake bunting by sticking little triangles of the tape onto a length of bakers twine.

Funky designs:

These tapes can be used to revamp anything and everything. Type in the keywords “Where to find Washi tapes” and Google will give you a list of online stores that sell them.  Choose the design and pattern you require to do up your walls, windows and furniture. I wanted to add some color to my bedroom, and this is what I did – I chose a color to paint my focus area. My bedroom doesn’t have a headboard, so I used some measuring tape and penciled out an outline of a headboard onto the wall above the bed. Then I painted a base coat to go with the color of my bed. Once the paint dried out properly, I used a contrasting color of the tape and matched it with the rest of my furniture to stick interesting patterns onto the area.

Japanese Washi Tapes - Just Artifacts

People have used them as alternatives to wallpaper and have done up entire rooms. You can also hack plain white Ikea furniture with these colored tapes. Turn a white table into a colorful barcode!

Decorate old stuff:

These handy tapes can be used to turn most old and worn-out knickknacks into beautiful pieces of art.  Makeover old milk bottles and photo frames by spray painting them in solid shades and then taping your favorite color onto them for a whole new look. Stick the corners of a Polaroid or a picture/painting with these tapes and voila you have an instant frame!

Do It Yourself Ideas:

There are plenty of DIY ideas using these tapes.


Stick these tapes onto clothes pegs and cut the extra edges with an exacting knife. Make sure you use pegs of different sizes. Now peg them onto a circular disk to make an easy wreath.

Paperclip tags/bookmarks:

Loop a bit of the tape through the paper clip and stick the ends together. You can trim the ends into any pattern and use the clip as a bookmark.

Japanese Washi Tapes - Just Artifacts

Pretty fridge magnets:

I’m sure you’ve got plenty of fridge magnets handed out my a multitude of companies. Why would you want any company-name on your fridge? Cover them up with white label and use Washi tapes to make pretty little fridge magnets.

The list is endless, there’s plenty more you can do with these tapes, make a boring corkboard interesting or make your keyboard, laptop, etc. colorful. You could even tape plain cutlery to match with your party décor.

Where to buy Washi tapes from?

There’s no better place than the internet to buy these sticky beauties from. You can choose from a variety of patterns, textures, colors and prints before buy them. You can even compare prices for the different sizes and lengths.

If you’re still wondering where to buy Washi tapes from; is the place for you. Choose from an exquisite range of tapes in different sizes and patterns at attractive prices.

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